LOTR-TW is a Total Conversion for Alexander TW based on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, focused to recreate the epic battles seen in the movies. It has a complete Middle Earth map, fully customised cities like Minas Tirith and Helm's Deep on Battle and Campaign map, a set of Historical Battles where you can play all the major and minor battles that take place in the trilogy, and a quest line for the Free-People's campaign where, if the player succeeds, will take the Ring-Bearer from Hobbiton to the wasteland of Mordor in an attempt to save the world from its doom.

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This is a great mod that accurately portrays the greatness of the lord of the rings world. 100 thumbs up. Greek_hoplite, you suck.

Fantastic mod well done.

needs better buildings

Very very cooooollllllllllll!!!!!

great mod

Fantastic mod.. brings a whole new light to these total wars!

Great mod, very well made :)


erestor629 says

May contain spoilers 3 agree 2 disagree

Great mod. Highly recommend it! Especially if you love the Total War series and LOTR. It captures the greatness of the battles perfectly. Had some issues with installing, but works fine now. Modeling is spot on (2.09 - from what I've seen so far in pics). However, as the mod is based upon the films you will not see characters such as Tom Bombadil, but you do see others e.g: Theodred (Theoden's son), Glorfindel (High Elf) and more.

A suggestion for any updates after 2.09 (only if it is possible):
"Character add-on pack" - includes characters which are from the books/films which have been left out but would be a welcomed addition, such as:

Balin (Dwarfs),
Halbarad (Gondor? Free-Peoples),
Radagast the brown (Mirkwood elves? Free-peoples)

These would be a welcomed addition to the mod in my opinion.

Final rating:
Effort: 10/10
Textures: 10/10
Playable factor: 10/10

Excelent mod, complete, fun, and full of the Lord of The Rings lore mixed with the Rome: Total War. Impossible no to play it for hours

A quite amazing job that lets you to get inmersed in a fantastic world, the LotR's world, and begin not just one, but all the voyages you want to do and fight around Middle Earth in the most amazing war and scenarios.

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