The Last Stand is an addon project for the Sins of a Solar Empire, aiming to provide additional and original content, depth and challenge to the game, including three new races, new gameplay elements and tactical gadgets such as mines, interdiction abilities, deployable starbases, new ship classes and more.

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Desamator Sep 5 2009 says:

I think, The sound needs to be toned down, as you *Should* agree, it is very annoying :p , But this looks wicked.. keep it up..

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neronix17 Dec 16 2009 replied:

I agree, considering that every damn space game buggers up with sounds as there is no possible way for sound to travel through space!

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immortalSWAT14 Dec 17 2009 replied:

Not just sound but explosions, fire in particular would not happen, there would be a bright light, and in some cases depending on the power source of the ship a ripple but thats about it.

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blahblah965 Oct 19 2010 replied:

unless the ship had large quantity of oxygen then there would be a shock-wave and a actual explosion until the oxygen was used up.
but still no sound

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vp21ct Oct 16 2010 replied:

Actually, consider this:

Sound is one of the primary ways we humans sense our surroundings, and while most of us process things more readily visually, there is only so much we can see at once, and sound is a good way to get other indicators into our field of awareness. Now, sound waves do not travel through space, as space is a vacume, but, radio waves do. When we combine these two facts, then the reason for 'sound' in space becomes clear. It is merely the sensors of a vessel taking the radio waves and turning them into sounds.

Now that that has been established, if you want a 'genuine' space game experience, I personally like turning down the fx in a game till it sounds 'muffled' and then playing like that. It's really cinematic.

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WarCrime342 Sep 6 2009 says:

Very cinematic battle there. Love it!

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ManSh00ter Author
ManSh00ter Sep 6 2009 says:

I agree, the Xin weapon sound seems good to me, but a bit strong in volume so it overpowers everything else. Keep them opinions coming, that's what these videos are for!

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tokage Sep 6 2009 says:

i love that the ships don't just sit still and shoot each other but can you make it so when they turn they bank? it looks like they are turning in only one axis and that is a bit weird.

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B1naryT0ast Sep 9 2009 says:

Reminds me of a battle from Stargate.

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Archon_of_Darkness May 1 2010 replied:

Hmm...seems more Trekkie to me. But then, I suppose we think differently.

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Bloodhound08 Sep 14 2009 says:

Love the ship movement, looks great, one thing i wish happened in the original, looks great mate!

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immortalSWAT14 Dec 17 2009 says:

but if that where the case in movies and video games they would be boring.

supose to be a comment on my other post

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ShadowKain666 Feb 10 2010 says:

Ship Movement: Excellent. Banking would be a nice addition but certainly not necessary.

Sound: Very good. I personally think the Xin weaponry should have a deeper, more organic and thus more terrifying sound but these are just drones so the sound works out rather nicely.

Explosions: *Way* too huge for some drones and frigates. As it is, it looks like a nuclear reactor going off every time one of those guys pops. Personally, I think chunks need to be created for each ship and the explosions toned down for the smaller ships. Having those large explosions for the battleships and titans is understandable but for these guys, small explosions is the way to go. It would also be nice to add chunks of ships floating around and the possibility that a ship goes derelict and unusable rather than "BOOM!" right away. It's space, to effectively bring a ship out of commission doesn't mean you have to make it go critical so seeing some intact but derelict and severely beaten up ships would be a nice change to the ridiculous amount of explosions and generic pipe bits flying off in all directions. Whenever I play I always use heavy battleships just because I can't stand seeing "pop, pop, pop" and nothing but some pretty lights to show for the battle afterward. I like my battles to leave a battlefield behind and so far the only ships that manage to do that are the really heavy class ships, because of my need for aesthetics, most of the ships go unused by me.

Design: As per usual, I've been watching your work (you might remember me from your SoaSE page) and I think you should seek out companies to work for, your talents deserve to be realized by a company and paid for.

I'd personally recommend Cryptic as they are currently hosting their new Star Trek Online MMO and are in desperate need of people with your talents. As someone who plays STO - it would be nice to have someone of your talents inside.

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Archon_of_Darkness May 1 2010 says:

Man, those things move almost like fighters. Reminds me of a Star Trek: Enterprise battle. Exellent job!

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Ehecatl Oct 8 2010 says:

ManSh00ter you are absolutely amazing and I love your work. I love the fact you are making the ships move in combat. That really is something that is needed for this game. One reason I loved Eve is the fact that ships move while turrets fire. Forgetting Eve though, I do have a few comments.

As for the movement, I think you need to make the turning to where the ships bank. Im not sure how hard that is, but one thing that bugs me is how they turn so rigidly and along a single axis. If they banked around the turns, it would really add a MAJOR boost to the realism factor.

The sound you already are sorting through so I won't kick a dead horse on that. However, I think one thing you could do is slow down certain ships. Maybe its just me, but it looked like that cobalt was moving at the speed of a fighter. Don't get me wrong, certain ships I could see having fast speeds. Flak frigates I could see easily being quick and filling the role of an interceptor of sorts. But a cobalt seems more like a ship that is more concerned with getting you in front of it and shooting it with its frontal guns than trying to dodge and outmaneuver a foe.

A question I wish to ask you though is, do you indeed to do any changes to the current TEC, Advent, and Vasari ships? Moving combat is awesome, but its clear that most of their ships aren't built for it. Some are. The Sova Carrier, any flak-type vessel, and such. However some like the Cobalt and others have all weapons on the front. For certain ships, frontal mounting would be understandable. However, I would expect that as navigation advanced so to would the need for weapons to advance. Not sure if you can make that possible (and not sure if you could even change the animation to such ships so that they have turrets or something) but just a thought to consider.

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Legion2552 Dec 18 2010 says:

Hey guys, You have to remember how ships move and manuver in space, they don't bank and pull up like planes. Spacefaring ships need to use directional mini-boosters and small engines mounted around the ship to manuver. Like in X3 Terran Conflict, you can see the small rockets fire to reorient your ship. If you were to add in these small boosters are something akin to them, heck it may be too much trouble for its worth but then banking would be irrrelvant. Just throwiing some ideas out there. :D Loving your stuff man.

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BlueStrike12 Dec 21 2010 says:

Hey can you make a mod or Add-on so the Frigates would bank and dog fight with vanilla sins. Also fix the start of these battles i thought the Cobalts were going to ram the Other frigates.

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BlueStrike12 Dec 21 2010 replied:

[Post Deleted]

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Maatko Nov 9 2011 says:


pls i have a question, how can i use both mods graphical Bailknights graphical mod an dymanic battle because when i apply bailknights mod the dymanic battles dont work..thnaks.

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The first of hopefully many short teaser movies shot during the testing of flight characteristics, combat balancing and ingame visuals/sound of the new Xin units.

Although the forces here are statistically even, the Xin ended up losing badly because their ships were simply not positioned right. They were all bunched up when they slammed into the Cobalts, splitting them up and losing momentum. This allowed the TEC numerical superiority to shine through. Xin ships work best when flying in a loose but solid front formation, where their slower speed allows them to outturn their opponents and place more shots on them than usual.

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Sep 5th, 2009
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