A mod about the Dark Ages of England. Vikings, Saxons and the Church fight for land and riches.

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Good start, keep it up

Great mod, I,ve been having a lot of fun with it. Devastating England with King Ivar the Boneless, what's not to love. Eagerly awaiting the next patch to take care of a few bugs, but overall really impressed.The only complaint I have is that stupid pirate song in the tavern from the music pack you used, I want viking metal not Capt, Morgan parody. HAHAHA Great job.

Great mod!!!Historically accurate(at least i think it is :D)brilliant map,lots of new items,nice troops and a few bugs which is great for the first release :)


I love the idea of this mod. Especially because it is England. I like the idea of unique weaponry for the kings and the realism of the setting and factions. This is what I was looking for when I came onto this site. That is why I gave this mod a 10/10. Thanks!

good mod :)


awesome mod so far, btw what program do you use for world map editing?

pm me the answer please :P

The best mod I've played so far. It doesn't have some things that I like in Floris MP (some options and notes and tournment); but in overall, it's the best one.


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