Probably the most popular mod for the original Mount & Blade v1.011 - now also for Warband!

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This is the mod every fan of Middle Earth must have. Huge map, nice armors, good representation of orcs and uruk-hai, battles with powerfull trolls, spider's embush, etc.
The only thing is that it's impossible to manage villages or cities, or to make a siege yourself.

Just a great freaking mod to a great *** game, I wish some big game company would be inspired by you guys and make something even bigger out of this. AMAZING WORK!


ragnarian says

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i love almost everything about this, it doesnt even feel like mount and blade anymore, but thats a good thing, the siege mechanics, with the destructable gates, the castles now looking as they should for lotr (im used to blood in the west) and the new ways to recruit soldiers, and their way of forcing you to do tasks, which to me were a redundant feature in native with the villages being lootable. i also like that you can play as a dwarf, and the race specific armours.

however i dont like it all, the elven armour, doesnt really look elven, like from the films i mean, id rather they looked like them, and uruk'hai, dont have crossbowmen, they were in the films, so i had expected them to be in this...and im also not a great fan of the isengard troop tree, its very hard for me to get an uruk'hai army, i like the uruk'hai, not orcs, but im stuck with a large number of orc anyway!

there is one other small problem, the shire, bree, these iconic places arent in it, im not sure if they plan to add them later, but i thought theyd be a big part of it, wasnt the shire shown being destroyed by the Uruk'hai in the movies as part of a vision...if you play for the twilight of man then id have thought theat would be in it!

This in an excellent mod, however the crashes, and bugs are far too plentiful.

Very GOOD mod, ambiance is so cool, but you will need a very good computer to run it normally and there is little bugs from time to time, probably set in near future.

Tiene muchos fallos y se cierra muchas veces

Its a good game but it gets boring after a while. You cant siege places by yourself. So all you do is run around with your men doing quests and stuff. But Overall its a great mod with awesome troops, weapons, and armor.


Me gusta, esta muy trabajado pero no le acabo de encontrar el punto.
personalmente echo en falta características del warband: Coger flechas, el combate en general etc. Aun así es un gran mod pero aun necesita mejorar.

The update to Warband is VERY well-done. While it's still a bit limiting and buggy, the mod is a lot of fun (:

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