Probably the most popular mod for the original Mount & Blade v1.011 - now also for Warband!

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7 MrBowdangles

Aug 20th, 2014 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

Very good, but still a few bugs to iron out

andrzejus says
7 andrzejus

Mar 14th, 2014 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

TLD is synonym of crash,error etc.

MarcusFlaviusAquila says
7 MarcusFlaviusAquila

Mar 4th, 2014 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

Even though I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan, I had wished they had created the visuals from the movies instead of just the books. Using inspirations from both the books and movies would of been a huge hit with many fans such as I, as the Third Age mod for Medieval II Total War did. That being said they have truly created something of a legend as this mod goes down in series M&B as something grandly unique!

LordMalacath says
7 LordMalacath

Jan 29th, 2012 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

Looks great. But I really hoped for some voice-acting.

soybal says
7 soybal

Feb 3rd, 2014

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KEWII says

Feb 3rd, 2013

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BarTolmai says
7 BarTolmai

Jan 13th, 2013

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HounderKnight says
7 HounderKnight

Jan 6th, 2013

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carlig says
7 carlig

Jun 10th, 2012

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wolferPL says
7 wolferPL

Jan 26th, 2012

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