Probably the most popular mod for the original Mount & Blade v1.011 - now also for Warband!

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Great graphics side(excepts from some minor issues like terrible Isengard buildings), new shaders (windy flora!) bus scripting siede is comeplatly failed compared to that what dev team promised. Gameplay becomes booring too soon.


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Despite the presence of major features such as whole new lore-acurate troop trees (for most of them), lore-accurate locations which are designed with great care which testify of an amazing work on the part of the team ; I must say that the game, at some point, becomes really boring.
The scripts don't work properly and some factions stop all war effort at some point. Thus the player finds himself alone with 50 partysize against whole factions.The rank progression is too painful and should be unique for each side (Good/Evil), the role of the player in the war is always the same. The player has no initiative at all, which makes the link with your faction leader a burden when your faction stop fighting.

I only give a 5/10 because I think this mod is somewhat correct but half of the work remains to be done.

sorry but the removal of sieges, the marriage system, warg cleanup (having to kill every god damn mount after a battle) and the overly- restrictive currency system all add up to make an average mod at best. i truly find it a shame the developers decided to change and remove such key featuers that, to me at least, were some of my favorite, that makes it a deal breaker. if you like being able to seige cities yourself, then stay the hell away from this mod.

the mod is realy nice, but I have a bug in the game... I can't kill orc, uruk hai, elves, dwarfs.... i can only kill rohan gondor... does somebody know how to fix this problem??? if this bug is fixed the game would be a 9.


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