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(Updated: 3/8/15)

In Lament, you take the role of Michael Anderson, a researcher and archaeologist living in England, 1845. In the wake of a disastrous expedition, your childhood friend and fellow archaeologist, Johnathan Crawford, has grown distant and sullen. Research is slowly crawling to a standstill, and doubts are creeping into the darker parts of your mind. Plagued by nightmares of an unspeakable monster stalking the halls of an unfamiliar place, you contemplate throwing the years of fruitless searching away. Anything for some peace of mind... right?


(Updated: 11/22/15)

  • Atmospheric, detailed environments to explore. No mazes that waste your time, no heartlessly empty hallways.
  • Deep, non-linear story taking place in the Dark Descent universe. I fancy myself a decent writer.
  • Point-and-click adventure elements. Click something of interest, and Michael will comment on it.
  • Modified versions of default entities with new collision meshes and dynamic physics.
  • Well-scripted, interesting events and set pieces. No cheap jump scares, though I suppose that's a given at this point.
  • Heavy ambiance and custom sounds.
  • Full and Lite versions. Full includes all the pretty lighting effects, particles, and details. Lite is a more performance-friendly version which includes reduced shadow casters, decals, particle systems, and reworked level design, and still retains the carefully crafted color schemes and overall feel of the levels.


(Updated: 11/22/15)

  • Dev Log #1 just went up, should be authorized relatively soon.

Map Progress

(Updated: 11/22/15)
(In no particular order)

~Hotel (With a short description of each completion counter)
Level Design: 99% (Level design, lighting, and particles systems are included, script boxes are not)
Scripting: 65% (Scripted events like baddies and cut-scenes. Sound scripts not included)
Sound Design: 95% (Atmospheric and event-based sounds, now counted separately from other scripts)
Optimization: 75% (Basically just getting the level to run at a decent framerate)

~Lower Cellar
Level Design: 75% (More changes, more polish, more work. It never ends)
Scripting: 80% (Almost fully playable, I'm very satisfied with the results)
Sound Design: 75%
Optimization: 95%

~Upper Cellar
Level Design: 50% (In desperate need of polishing, not sure how much I'll change)
Scripting: 10% (I don't even)
Sound Design: 25% (Needs work)
Optimization: 0%

Level Design: 65% (Finally started work, looking pretty good)
Scripting: 0%
Sound Design: 35%
Optimization: 25%

Level Design: 85% (Needs work)
Scripting: 10%
Sound Design: 25%
Optimization: 15%

~Lesser Castle
Level Design: 75% (Currently connecting previously inaccessible areas to the rest of the level)
Scripting: 0%
Sound Design: 5%
Optimization: 0%

~Greater Castle(s)
Total: 10% (Happening)


(Updated: 11/22/15)

"Lament" is my first custom story for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It has served as a fantastic learning experience for me, and I fully intend to make it the best it can possible be. Notes will be scattered throughout all of the levels, as per usual, providing a deep, non-linear story to the environments you'll explore and characters you'll encounter. In said notes, I like to put an emphasis on character development.
Not just written notes, but even in the levels themselves. If a room belongs to someone, naturally it will reflect that character's personality. If an entire level belongs to somebody (and three of them do) it's built to reflect their personality as well. Said levels are (or will be, when they're finished) painstakingly detailed in both visual and audio design, providing interesting and atmospheric environments for the player to explore.

As a final note, I can't guarantee that this page will be updated regularly, mostly because the world is cruel to high school students, but I try to keep everyone updated on the mod's progress.


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RSS feed Articles

So much for being semi-regular, eh?

I'd like to preface this Dev Log with an apology for my fashionable punctuality (a.k.a. being late as hell). My insomnia has taken a turn for the worse in recent months, no doubt a result of certain personal affairs, and I've taken to sleeping when I get home from my prep school to compensate. Needless to say, I don't get much done during the week, and I spend the entire weekend oversleeping. However, the stars have aligned, and I have one solid week off of both my high school and prep school, allowing me to finally get some work done. Which, you know, is nice.

Now let's talk about particle systems.

Rain Particle Systems Comparison

I have more gifs this time, too.

A lot of my work with particle systems has been focused on reworking systems already in The Dark Descent to better suit my purposes and quality standards. All of these new effects are also fully scalable, which makes them far more versatile than some of their vanilla counterparts.

Most notable is the vanilla rain system, which, to put it mildly, eats GPUs for breakfast, and is terribly difficult to utilize effectively. It's also incredibly short, which is very obvious when you look up from inside of it and see raindrops appearing out of thin air.

My reworked take on this is a smaller, modular particle system, which allows for more precise area coverage. It's also very easy to optimize, as each unit fades at a distance, so it doesn't all render at once. Fixed the height problem, too.

Candle Flame PS ComparisonDem refractions doe.

Assorted fire particles, with heat refraction.

Refraction doesn't come across very well in gifs, sadly.

The other part of my work has been implementing brand new special effects, like heat refraction, floating embers, refractive water, tons of weather effects, and various other small things. For the sake of brevity I won't go into detail on each one, so just enjoy these gifs I totally didn't make at 2:00 AM this morning.

Not much to say, really.Thought the old portal needed some work.Good for scenes with moving clouds.Oddly serene. Also works as ashes.Kinda Dark Souls-ish.Really dramatic from a distance.Lots of effects going on here.

I guess slow-moving dust doesn't come across very well in gifs either. Huh.

Well, now that we're past my vague attempts at being somewhat professional, I can't believe I've actually been doing this crap for three years now.

Seriously, if thirteen-year-old-me had known what this project was going to become, he probably wouldn't have even started. It's been a huge investment for me, in far more ways than one, and I'm always happy to see interest in it (and always sad when I have to explain that there's been a delay). It's amazing to me how many people are genuinely looking forward to the mod's release, in spite of all my setbacks.

So, for lack of anything better to say, thank you, and sorry, and thank you again.

I remain,


Dev Log #1 - Renovations, Optimizations, and Color Palettes

Dev Log #1 - Renovations, Optimizations, and Color Palettes

News 7 comments

We got lighting! We got colors! We got... er, less trees!

Entities, What With the Physics and Such

Entities, What With the Physics and Such

News 2 comments

Physics are cool, but school is not. *drops mic* *hastily picks it back up to check if it's broken*

Quick Development Update

Quick Development Update

News 0 comments

Gonna be out of state for a month, will still work on my laptop, but it'll be slower than usual.

It's Been a Long Two Years

It's Been a Long Two Years

News 3 comments

It's been a long ride, with all it's own ups and downs, but it isn't over just yet.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 45)

Hey. I have tracked this mod for some time now and I would like to know that when you are going to release this? I'm really excited to play this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CraackerTraash Creator

I used to try to guess, but far too often something happens in my life and I end up getting very little work done for a very long time.
I know it isn't a very satisfying answer, but I don't want to let people down by failing to meet their expectations. All I can really say is that it will be done eventually.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello there!
Any news for 2016?
How is your work coming along?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CraackerTraash Creator

Glad you asked!
For the most part it's been business as usual, but I've also been doing a lot of cool stuff with new particle systems and lighting entities, which I plan to feature in an article sometime soon.
Aside from that, I've been putting extra time into some of the "cinematic" sequences that are in the game, but I'd rather keep those a surprise for release.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

That sounds like some great news.
Love how you managed the lighting in those screenshots. Builds up great atmosphere.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I haven't looked forward to a mod this much in a long time

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

you know you seem like your new to the whole modding business but i gotta say this looks really really good so far. it looks like itll be decent in length you got pyshcis FREAKIGN PYSHYICS JESUS WHAT IS THIS AWESOMNESS hopefully this mod doesnt die. alot of cool looking mods just die into the abyss ;-; so sad

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CraackerTraash Creator

I must say, I'm quite flattered.
Rest assured though, I won't let this die any time soon.
Can't say how long it'll be until it's actually finished, sadly, but it certainly won't die.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey...I see the map is not released yet. I've been a Beta-tester for over a few years now and I love doing it...If you're interested in me testing your map and giving you a very detailed review in return send me a message :) On my profile there's also reviews about me if you're interested...:)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CraackerTraash Creator

Sorry it took so long to respond, I wasn't really expecting any comments yet.
I'll make sure to message you when I start beta-testing, just be aware that testing is a long ways off right now.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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