You find yourself stuck in a dark, cold labyrinth, trying to find your way out. Something seems to lurk around the corner... This mod was from my first test map, which I decided to convert into a short custom story. Gameplay time should exceed at least half an hour.

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I very much dislike the level design to a point where I found it to be unplayable especially since frictional have very harshly limited the gamma settings, meaning its almost always pitch black!

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Its way too confusing.. I don't understand where the hell to go.. to entertain myself i had to drag around a dead grunt with me -.-

Its a casual mod,but the maping is what you will seek from the title, and is a pretty good labyrinth. Its almost pure atmosphere.
There even some good ideas, like the endless corridor or the force field. What i didn't like is that there are just a few chasing moments, with a little more monsters or a proper sense of danger, this mod could be awesome.
The atmosphere and eeriness are there, just need a little more tension. Also a little back story won't make it bad

Lack of content and originality, and boring gameplay. Don't touch this one.


Humeba says

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I only gave it a 9/10 because I really hated the beam climbing part, lol. Other than that it was actually really good. Thanks for making it.


there are a few scares in the story andit is super difficult to know the path. It is the biggest labyrinth ever seen

Good atmospheric scare but i dont really enjoy for the maze that gives me
laziness to play amnesia!

A solid custom story. Obviously the maze itself did get slightly confusing and the ending did take one or two attempts but overall it was a nice playthrough :)

DUDE your map is freaking awesome not only that, that was the hardest labyrinth i have ever played but the scares were placed perfectly i freaking wanted to just stop making myself mad but my curiosity kept me going on i congratulate you for creating one the best Amnesia Custom Stories ever you are awesome man and the ending was really epic.

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