You wake up in the world, what is being called world between life and death. It is up to the people themselves to fight for survival. But this world isn't empty, it is magical world and it is owned by someone who is being called death. Apparently he isn't god of this world and can only manipulate everything. So you escape from him but at the same time you go through your dark past, so you would understand, why and how did he end up there.

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Its just so amazing.Finally a custom story that is not based on cheap and repetitive scares.This custom story has an actual story that will drag you in.This will leave you hungering for more.The Chapter 2.

The puzzles require logical thinking.Might get frustrating but when you get it,you laugh at yourself.And of course,I love this story as well because I voice act in it.

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:3 love dis!

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Sep 7th, 2014

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