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A Typical House in the Northern Kingdom
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"Udeval mounted a crest in the path and saw before him a small house, made entirely of wood, its steeply angled roof free of snow in the warm sunlight. At the apex of the roof, forged from iron, was the mark of the Lechan which stood watch, he now knew, over every house in that Kingdom. It was fashioned like three tongues of fire, for it was the Lechan, the Malice to the Ilsamiri, who had brought the sun, light and warmth to the world the Weaver had formed." - Excerpt from the Tale of Udeval.

This is the typical style of house in the Northern Kingdom, the territory which lies beyond the Three Ranges. The steep angle of the roof is designed to minimise the build-up of snow in the harsh northern winters - it also catches the most sunlight.

The majority of the people of the North dwell in mountainous regions, the vast moorlands being far too windswept for most.

The map is one I made quite early in my SB2 experimentation. It's from a heightmap generated in GeoControl. I based it on a few reference images of the Swiss Alps to get the colour and such close to accurate. The model of the house is roughly 900 tris and has an interior.

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