The Haunted is a fast paced thirdperson horror-action game with focus on a intense multiplayer experience that is all about making a stand and liberating cursed places from the minions of evil. The game features several multiplayer modes such as coop or demons .vs. humans, where enemies are spawned and controlled by players. The outstanding visuals lay a perfect tone for the gameplay.

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Aug 3 2009 Anchor

Hello o/

I'm pretty sure just about everyone who actively plays TH is aware of the fact that public multiplayer games are kind of scarce, or to be a little more specific, there aren't as much as we'd like that would fit the player base in TH.

So here's something we could do - What if we started some kind of community group through steam or xfire to let us organize public games? Just to help out the dedicated TH players enjoy it to it's fullest.

Now, don't tell me about the public steam group for TH. Nothing really happens in that, sadly :/. Also, please inform me if this is one giant fail topic due to the fact that maybe there already is some kind of community dedicated to TH that I am just unaware about.

Nonetheless, I'd appreciate everyone's thoughts on this idea and maybe if everyone's in favour of this kind of thing, we could brainstorm on how it might work.

Thanks for reading o7

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Aug 9 2009 Anchor

I agree xfire or steam ftw!

Steam ID: MongolianMisfit

xfire ID: mongolianmisfit

Count me in! :D

Aug 12 2009 Anchor

Steam ID MrTambourineMan, I'm in!

Aug 20 2009 Anchor

steam name--stabi
xfire--- bluezero2x

... i want to play!

Aug 24 2009 Anchor

I'm in to but i wann know thare are some servers but thare allows emty how come?

Steam name: NO-Fuck_Ing!/Way!
Steam id: Dreedyonfleedy

Seccond steam accound
Steam name: Rick
Steam id: Luck720

Aug 24 2009 Anchor

Steam name: Krakn3dfx

Aug 25 2009 Anchor

Steam name: STALKER4732

Aug 26 2009 Anchor

y is there nobody on

Aug 27 2009 Anchor

Add me, Mrbevilacqua is my steam id.

Aug 27 2009 Anchor

Hah, okay so I didn't check up on this thread for a while and look what happened. Alright, I'm going to add all of you and invite you to a steam group.

Sep 21 2009 Anchor

my steam id is: HappyConscript

Sep 27 2009 Anchor

Steam Id is: - :)

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Oct 4 2009 Anchor

Hey, If anyone is interested in starting a community to play the haunted to have some crazy fun times. Join the Hamachi channel,The-Haunted-1
The-Haunted-2password for both is joinAfter you join hamachi channel, next download and create an xfire (for voice chat or till I can find someone to make a ventrillo with)third, organize a game with people in the server. Soon Ill make a xfire group for us. If interested with help with this project, Join hamachi channel and chat with me. If you just want to play, Join and have fun.I want to promote this mod to the masses so more people can experience. the Haunted. I have more fun with this than left 4 dead.

Oct 11 2009 Anchor

I set up the steam community a while ago, gentlemen. Feel free to join.

Oct 16 2009 Anchor

How can I join the community? my id steam: bassplayercasale . I 'd really like to join a community for this amazing mod!!!!


if you have to suggest any server--write it down!

Dec 6 2009 Anchor

Every one Get Tunngle

Hamachi not good b/c it gets full check out this link

xxx[dot]youtube[dot]xxx /watch?v=Q1afSHqKFvc

We need a lobby chat for this mod game so we can get the servers up

I just got UT3 just for this Mod but found that there is no servers on there :(

so get Tunngle:

make an account I be waiting after install

click on browser go to shooter
you will see a list of games click on the bottom right that says " Vorwarts>> " which means next I guess, keep clicking till you see UT3 chat room I be in there

let start kick zombie butt

when you host it should be hosted as Lan fyi

after you install it the path to find players on UT3 is

Community>Browser>shooters > UT3

see yall there

Dec 7 2009 Anchor

are there any servers there? i can't find any :/ i got the steam version up and running lol
steam ID : daemonnnn

Dec 7 2009 Anchor

Fix: Host The Haunted DIY

I did fine two server for the haunted make sure you have these settings click on Join Game
Game Mode: Survival
Pure Server: any
Show Full Servers: checked
Show Empty Servers: checked
Locked: checked
Dedicated Only: check

two servers should pop up

Now if you want to how your own game
which everyone in there mom should be sitting in this chat room lobby and hosting games do the following

go to and make an account and download the software
if the website is not in English go here

German to English

after you make an account and sign in
Click on Community>Netzwerks>Browser>Shooter>Click the button "Vorwarts>>" bottom right four time till you see
Unreal Tournament 3.

then double UT3 chat room

after you get in you should have a V-IP on the lower right

next make sure you and your friend you trying to play with both disable windows firewalls

both of yall need to edit your router settings all routers are different and you need a user name/password

the follow do not include: ' '
click start>run>type 'cmd'
hit enter
in command window type 'ipconfig'
get your ip add: ex:
get your gateway ip: ex:

assuming your gateway is 1.1

then type in your browser

you will need to port-forward 11155 to you ex ip[]

use to look up your router and add in those settings to get your user and password to login

after that

Host a Lan game and your all set

I want to get some VS going on this game heheh ;)

Dec 7 2009 Anchor

thetman wrote: Dedicated Only: check

If you're trying to make the list as unrestricted as possible, why would you want to show only dedicated servers? I've seen a number of The Haunted servers that are not dedicated and playing on them is just as fine as playing on dedicated servers IMHO.

Dec 15 2009 Anchor

bassplayercasale wrote: How can I join the community? my id steam: bassplayercasale . I 'd really like to join a community for this amazing mod!!!!

Honestly, like right after I said it's free to join whenever you want, don't need me to invite you.

Just go to the group search and search The Haunted Multiplayer Group, should pop up.

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