The Haunted is a fast paced thirdperson horror-action game with focus on a intense multiplayer experience that is all about making a stand and liberating cursed places from the minions of evil. The game features several multiplayer modes such as coop or demons .vs. humans, where enemies are spawned and controlled by players. The outstanding visuals lay a perfect tone for the gameplay.

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Aug 25 2009 Anchor

Heres my suggestions:

1. More weather effects. Ideas:

Rain. You can have light rain for a bit of 'oo' effect, then another one for heavy rain which impedes visibility...perhaps combine rain with the lightning storm at some points too.

Darkness. I havent seen this yet so i presume its not there, how about a general 'darkness' storm, where light is blocked out and everything goes ridiculously dark and grey/evil looking, so you have to use your flashlight more.

Wind. Not sure how you could work this in, but a windstorm or a tornado would be fantastic, perhaps specific to a more open map with trees etc so you could show the enviroment moving, and add a slowdown to all players/demons movement speed, maybe an animation for each charecter of them holding their hat or struggling against the wind?

Day/Night/Dawn/Setting - A day/night cycle would be a fantastic addition to all the maps. Ive seen it happen somewhat and i do enjoy it, so it would add a nice feel if you could get a few maps where its 'survive till dawn', starting them off just at the end of the day, and then set the sun, and then fight through the night, and then finally, end at dawn. It would be a great way to showcase what you can do with effects. Add in some weather for a realy, really interesting experiance.

2. Upgrades - Im not certain how far the upgrades go, but i would like to reccomend that you try to get them up to say, 7-8. Not many will survive enough to get there, but you want to have something there just incase theres one guy whos very loud who will whine/cry about it...Ive only reached the level 4 weaponry so far for the machine gun and melee, so im uncertain if it goes higher, i do love the system though. It would help for longer games than 15 minutes, plus give some satisfaction to reaching them if your alive.

3. Health - I know you get health for redeeming, and thats fantastic. I enjoy saving freinds, and it encourages this, but please, you really do need to add the green health stones for survival. Not too many of course, and preferably not full health giving. Playing on vicious, its annoying to have everyone dieng ridiculously fast and spend the last 3-4 mins of surviving just running around redeeming each other after death. Perhaps some sort of smaller stone that appears...maybe even a monster that will drop the stone if you kill it?

4. Monsters. You did this really well, i love the variety. Id like to see some reskins of the monsters to add a bit more variety, and i do like the special attacks. There does need to be some more monsters though. Maybe you could make it map specific and add types that only appear on appropriate maps, like say, giant bats on dark maps, lizards and snakes on a swampy map, water-based critters on watery maps ? etc. That little variety really adds more life and replayability to a game, especially a mod. Perhaps some sort of cereberus dog-critter?

5. Maps. The three maps are all exceptionally designed. I love them. Theyre beautiful. The quality of your team really shines here. I would like to see some more maps, of the same quality. Dont sacrifice quality for quantity, if you only produce one map every few months? Fine, as long as its this beautiful to experiance. I would like to see some maps perhaps based in a more urban setting (abandoned city?) or water based (swamps, islands, oceans?) heck, a map where your on a boat would be could perhaps use the Mary Celeste or an abandoned cruise ship !

6. The bats: Leave them in, but please, lower the rate of spawn on the flaming bats on the ground. More than once have i lost half hp to these things while on the ground. I like the moth/bat things, theyre interesting and add another element to play, so having these spawn a bit more on the ground would be interesting, but not too frequent. The bats make a great anti-afk and anti-camp system though.

7. Charecters - I love the feel of each charecter. I would like to see a female charecter, for some diversity, but other than that, fantastic job.

8. Game modes. Once your done finishing all of the other stuff, if your still game and want to continue, a possible way to expand is a new mode. A co-op/single player campaign (i recomend not starting it now, focusing on too much stuff could water down the excellent quality you guys have got going) would be the most logical way to go, adding an objective system or something. Perhaps a sort of 'excorcism' style, the team going through the map to the runic stones, or guiding a npc there, to disable them and stop the demons summoning, leading up to boss battles or something?

Aug 25 2009 Anchor

Thanks for the feedback and ideas. Can't make any promises, but we look into everything players are suggesting and see what we can do with our limited ressources. :)

Aug 26 2009 Anchor

Thanks, and good luck to you guys!

I hope you win the license!

Aug 26 2009 Anchor

i think u should put in a grenade launcher in the haunted

Aug 26 2009 Anchor

Theres already a grenade launcher, flamethrower, sniper rifle, Nitro launcher in the game ;)

Aug 26 2009 Anchor

i know i found them sorry

Aug 27 2009 Anchor

Adding onto that, you might want to create a community map pack when theres enough maps, to extend life without you guys having to make another 10 maps ;)

Ive found two maps already, both decent quality.


Shangri La

Aug 28 2009 Anchor

u should put zombie dogs in the mod

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