The Great War is a modification for Company of Heroes meant to bring the war two decades earlier. This mod focuses on the later years of the First World War. Currently the two teams will be the British Expeditionary Force against the German Empire, however with time the team will try and bring some more nations in, such as France and Austria-Hungary. This mod will focus or realism but keep the game balanced enough to make it enjoyable. Things to look for in the mod are the famous artillery strikes and the infamous gas attacks. Trenches will provide vital cover for infantry while tanks will roll over the battlefield and instil fear into the enemy troops.

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Please can we have the French and Austrians for X-mas, and more updates. This mod is amazing! Thanks!

good job! but where are frence unit i tried to wait i wait 6 month and i very tried
i dream this mod have a russia empire and frace empire it you want you can do a usa and autilia-hungary
i khow the russia is stop the war in 1916 or 1917 but i realy want a russia empire

While I'm no World War 1 expert, everything feels right. The trenches and style of play is very different, slower paced and more brutal with artillery barrages and suicidal charges against defenses. Downside is that enemy AI is not quite suited to this style of play, but is still very challenging. Playing against friends makes the battles extremely interesting. Germans and British are very well balanced and each commander type for each faction have interesting abilities that can be used very effectively if you know how to use them. Creating defensive lines are extremely important in this mod as tanks and armored cars move slower than their WWII counterparts. A multi-layered defense that is virtually connected at all points is almost required for a strong defense.

With the French and Austro-Hungarian armies to be added later, this mod is a lot of fun and is definitely worth a look.

The mod is an extensive WWI overhaul for company of will fight mostly with infantry,supportet mainly by machingun nests and artillary that fires directly and indirectly a wide variety of shell,from devestating HE shells to the infamous gas.or call in one of the early tank models that are more like crawling mobile bunkers.

the british focus around ther infantry sections and have the armor superiority over the germans with better and more tank models.

the germans excel with different infantry types wheter it be the core lander infantry,mobile 08/15 mg crews,potent assault infantry or devestating flamethrower squads supported by good artillary or the famous flying circus.

Great mod, very detailed, and does what it does great. Cudos to the developer team for creating such a good mod, we all appreciate it! I mean let's face it, it's well done in pretty much every aspect, and soon more is to come, if anything this mod is certainly deserving of a 10.

An impressively stable and bug free release of an equally impressive mod that nails most if not everything i sets out to do, from the new thrench system to the gas attacks.

Even the two factions(as of now) seems to be fairly well balance between eachother, allthough the enemys damn Mortar allways seems to outreach mine, this could be completely imaginated from my part of course.

The new tanks are also slow sluggish and deadly, wich is very spot on, oh and the Tank models are also very well done.

The same can also be said about the models for the various infantry and support units on both factions, and the new threnches is also very nice and well suited for me as a defensive player.

Overall a very promising start from a Mod and Mod team i wish all the best.

This is one of the best mods I've ever played. Great graphics, great gameplay, and great abilities, with great infantry and vehicles to choose from. And I'm really excited to see the French.

The idea is awesome. Also the mod is:you will feel like you are playng a new game. Nice gameplay and textures.
It would me a 10/10 if it was so unbalanced, let me explain:
AI will almost alway try to push into your land with mortar and artyllery spam.
THE TROUBLE IS THAT THEY HAVE SUCCES WHEN DOING THIS. Arty was made insanely OP and able to destroy everything. Dont say to me that i should use mortars or snipers, because i did not install this to play spamming.
I hope that TGW developers take this as a sane but angry review, Im angry because the cannon-mortar spam actually does not allow me to play this AWESOME mod on wich i would spen my money into.So i hope the developers take in consideration a better re-balance.

Good luck.


The mod is awesome! It also introduces something new - The Great War! The Allied and Central Starting Factions (UK and GE) are good. One thing thta I like is that there is a change in playing style. You cannot always rush.

i think it is a great game and has a great idea to it there are very few WW1 games out there and much less ones that take place in a RTS gameplay style

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