The Great War 1918

The Great War 1918 is a WW1 modification for Company of Heroes, focusing on the last year of the First World War. Currently it features the British Expeditionary Force and the German Empire as opposing factions; however new nations will be brought over time, such as France and Austria-Hungary. The mod focuses on a realistic and accurate representation of warfare in 1918 while keeping a balanced and enjoyable gameplay.

Experience the great operations of the last year of the Great War as Germany breaks through the Western Front in the Spring Offensive; as the Entente, liberate France and Belgium in the Hundred Days offensive. Look forward to heavy artillery strikes and the infamous gas attacks. Trenches will provide vital cover for infantry while tanks will roll over the battlefield and instil fear into the enemy.

- a WW1 total conversion of Company of Heroes
- two factions: the German Imperial Army and the British Expeditionary Force
- a balanced gameplay focused on the particularities of the Great War, with trenches, poison gas and melee
- new models and textures, including tanks, planes, buildings, weapons and soldiers
- new units, abilities and commander trees that faithfully reflect the tactics adopted in 1918
- new maps featuring the elaborate trench systems of the Great War
- skirmish mode both in single and multiplayer
- a no pop-cap skirmish mode called "Grand Offensive"
- a fully integrated Cheat Mode (not available in multiplayer).
- full translations in German, Spanish, Polish, Russian,  French, Italian and Chinese

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11 comments by don_durandal on Apr 20th, 2014

While the team works on the French Army faction, here’s a much needed version 1.2 to fix some of the balance and graphic issues of previous versions. In addition it also introduces a new 3vs3 map.

Bellenglise (6p)
A map by MonolithicBacon

When the Entente and their allies began the Hundred Days offensive to liberate the terrain captured by the Germans in 1914 and the 1918 Spring Offensive their main obstacle was the Hindenburg Line. Built and reinforced since 1916, it consisted in five fortified positions covering the whole western front, the principal one being the Siegfriedstellung. Using concrete emplacements, terrain features and defence in depth it presented a formidable defensive line which the German Army was resolved to hold at any cost.


The St. Quentin canal was one such geographical feature upon which the Siegfriedstellung rested. On 29 September 1918 it was there, near the township of Bellenglise, that the Hindenburg Line was first breached by Australian, British and American units with the decisive support of tanks.


Bellenglise is a large 3 versus 3 player map. It mostly consists of fields, with a small hamlet in the middle. The whole map is cut in two by the St. Quentin canal which can be crossed at the bridge in the hamlet and at four separate fords. The canal’s banks are covered by wire entanglements however, and numerous lines of trenches mark the fields beyond.


Balance changes

++ shared ++

- territory sectors in the Flanders Fields map have been redrawn to emphasis gameplay on trench warfare
- cost of ladders has been lowered to 5 mp
- a fuel cost has been added to trenches to force players to choose between entrenching or vehicles
- officers can no longer use targeted abilities while garrisoned
- the range of the machine guns of the starting bunkers has been lowered to vanilla levels
- lowered the range at which basic infantry can detect mines
- the maximum number of soldiers required to capture field guns has been lowered to 3
- mustard gas (yellow cross) will keep causing health degeneration even after soldiers have left the contaminated area

++ British Expeditionary Force ++

- BEF players will start the game with 0 munitions
- the Vickers MG crew will now properly benefit from the command section's aura
- the emplaced Vickers now has the same arc of fire as the MG08 from upgraded strongpoints
- only a single rifle grenade will be shot when the no.44 AT rifle grenade ability is used
- cost of the no.44 AT rifle grenade ability has been lowered to 25 munitions
- lowered the damage and penetration of no.44 AT rifle grenades against armoured cars
- the trench raiders' vet assault ability will no longer replace the mills bomb ability
- decreased the bangalore's damage against emplacements
- the bangalore ability can be activated while the squad is crawling
- lowered the accuracy of melee weapons against trench raiders
- increased the accuracy and damage of the trench raiders' melee weapon
- the HQ building and howitzer emplacement can now be wired with demolition charges
- recharge time of the strafing run commander ability has been raised to 55 seconds
- recharge time of the observation plane commander ability has been raised to 40 seconds
- recharge time of the bombing run commander ability has been raised to 55 seconds
- lowered the cost of the Mark IV tanks to 400 manpower and 100 fuel
- increased the damage and penetration of female tanks' sponson MGs against emplacements
- the cost of the female Mk V tank call-in ability has been raised to 600 manpower
- lowered the reinforce cost of sappers to 30mp
- the RE Field Company commander upgrade lowers the reinforce cost of sappers to 27mp
- the experience bonus from the Battle Briefing commander upgrade has been replaced with a capture rate bonus
- lowered the damage of assault Mills bombs
- offensive boosts provided to sections of the same platoon by the Command Section's aura now require a "Fire and movement" research in the Scout Command Post

++ Imperial German Army ++

- increased the damage of stick grenades
- Veteran Landsers can no longer use camouflage
- pioniers can no longer throw light mines
- light mines thrown by assault pioniers will now last for five minutes
- increased the throwing range of light AT mines
- the platoon leader will no longer cloak
- increased the vulnerability of the platoon leader vs. rifle fire
- Platoon leaders start with a smaller and weaker command aura
- added a "Mission command" research at the HQ which boosts the platoon leaders’ aura range and bonus, and increases their cap to 3
- the "Battalion Assets" research makes the Platoon Leader more resistant to damage
- decreased by 50% the penetration rate of the MP18 against emplacements
- stormtroopers can now be upgraded with two MP18
- increased the accuracy and damage of the stormtroopers' melee weapon
- the damage vs. Platoon Outposts and MG Nests of the stormtrooper's "Concentrated charge" ability has been lowered
- the light Minenwerfer can now fire smoke shells
- the HQ's healing aura has been slightly increased
- reduced the delay of the officer's observed artillery ability
- increased the reload time of the Disruptive Fire commander ability
- the Disruptive Fire commander ability can only be used in enemy territory
- improved the Big Bertha's shell collision
- cost of the Yellow Cross commander ability has been lowered to 125 munitions
- raised the cost of the flying circus commander ability to 175 munitions
- lowered the cost of the Supply Chain commander ability to 150 munitions
- the munitions boost and manpower decrease modifiers of the supply chain ability now only last 80 seconds
- the following units can now also be fielded at forward HQs: lmg group, stormtroopers, MG Sharpshooters, Assault Pioniers
- ambient buildings can now be converted into field hospitals that heal surrounding infantry
- the Hindenburg Line upgrade no longer allows strongpoints upgraded as aid posts to heal surrounding units
- off-map artillery will fire both green and blue cross shells when the " Buntschiessen " commander upgrade has been unlocked
- the "Buntschiessen" doctrine upgrade no longer unlocks green cross shells for howitzers
- the doctrinal 7.7cm FK16 field gun emplacement now additionally requires tier 3
- the howitzer emplacements and doctrinal field gun emplacement can now be wired with demolition charges
- removed the cost of the "second line rush" commander ability. Recharge time has been raised to 120 seconds
- raised the fuel cost of the A7V to 150
- the cost of the Beutepanzer call-in abilities has been set at 520 manpower
- captured Stokes mortar squads can now properly retreat to the rally point.

Other changes

- both walls of trenches will now be shown when placing new buildings
- the Big Bertha's 42cm shell now has its own model
- fixed and improved the QF 4.5inch howitzer's model and animations
- fixed the Stokes mortar's bomb
- fixed the animation of the Vickers MG (except in the Pillbox)
- minimap range of artillery abilities should now be displayed correctly
- the localisation has been updated to better reflect what all entries do (thanks to Vuther!)

Download Links  (un-tick "use download accelerator"!)

An installation guide can be found here:

The Great War 1918 development team.

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The Great War 1918 v1.2

The Great War 1918 v1.2

Apr 20, 2014 Full Version 56 comments

This file contains the full version of The Great War 1918 v1.2 in a self-extracting archive. It will extract all the files needed to play the modification...

The Great War 1918 v1.1

The Great War 1918 v1.1

Jun 23, 2013 Full Version 102 comments

This file contains the full version of The Great War 1918 v1.1 in a self-extracting archive. It will extract all the files needed to play the modification...

The Great War 1918 v1.0

The Great War 1918 v1.0

Mar 23, 2013 Full Version 178 comments

This file contains the full version of The Great War 1918 v1.0 in a self-extracting archive. It will extract all the files needed to play the modification...

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Blackcat_13 Jan 30 2011, 2:35pm says:

Lets Add the Dutch to The mod !!!

Wood be a Awesome Faction
Since they were Neutral Nobody is allowed to shoot at them
And they are also not allowed to Shoot back !
And all Territory Captured by the Dutch May not be Crossed Bay any other nation.
A Faction Only to Irritate Adder players !!!

You can all Scream all you want
About what faction Scud be Added ore not !
Lets first make sure that the German en British Are There

And for the Guys out there how acutely read this page
Maybe you can fined a hint in the welcome text what the next 2 Factions Cud be the next.
(3th Line of text Hint!)

0 votes     reply to comment
wolfprophet Feb 5 2011, 4:24am replied:

Dutch weren't neutral. I think someone doesn't know what the Von Schlieffen plan was.

0 votes     reply to comment
Allein Jan 30 2011, 5:09pm replied:

Really? Was that awkwardly worded sarcasm truly necessary? I've stated in nearly all my posts that the BEF and Germans are the focus of attention and that the French and Austro-Hungarians are the next possible expansions (as stayed by the team). I have been following the progress of this mod for quite some time- yet only recently creating an account to show my support and to combat the trolls whining about "no melee", "no cavalry", and no 4th or 5th rate world powers being in the mod. The team needs our support, they have worked their butts off and from the looks of things it is nearly done. It will be a tremendous accomplishment without rival- a whole new world war for company of heroes. Best of luck mod team! Congratulations on your progress thus far!

+5 votes     reply to comment
Panzert Jan 30 2011, 3:55pm replied:


+2 votes     reply to comment
Sturminfantrist Jan 30 2011, 2:15pm says:

In the mod the French must be! A WWI Mod without the French makes no sense because the war were fight mostly of French (also Belgium) territory. It must be a Joy to turn the tide (without the german November revolution) and beat the Frenchies.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Allein Jan 30 2011, 2:26pm replied:

I agree!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Allein Jan 30 2011, 1:56pm says:

(This comment is intended to accompany my earlier one farther down the page beginning with "The Ottoman army would be a very interesting addition for the Central Powers...")

Let us consider the addition of new factions beyond the original two and the two that are planned to come later. The Central Powers don't have much to choose from- the Ottomans would likely be the only realistic option (debatable). The Allies, however, could go with a British Commonwealth faction, a Russian faction, or an American faction (possibly Italian although unlikely). How would the British Commonwealth differ from the regular British? Slouch hats for the ANZAC to fight the heat on Gallipoli? That hardly makes them unique. They used essentially the same equipment. What artillery would the Commonwealth use? In reality they used what the regular British Army used. The same is true for machineguns, rifles, tanks etc. etc. What unique doctrinal powers would they have? They would just be a slightly re-skinned British army. Much of the same is true for a would-be American faction (although the Americans would be a little more unique than the Commonwealth, at least in the doctrinal trees). Russia alone would be truly unique, and thus the reasonable choice for a third Allied faction (but only if the mod was taken back earlier in the war).

All of this being said, I think it is a good idea to slow down and wait until the mod is released before demands are made about more factions. Anyone who has played COH for more than a few hours will realize how difficult it must have been to even achieve a modicum of balance with four factions (five in the Eastern Front mod). The team has done an incredible amount of work already, and it is still not finished. Would Gallipoli be fun to play? Yeah. What about Kut-al-Amara? Sure. The Brusilov Offensive? You betcha. Yet all of these eventualities are so far beyond the horizon that it does one almost no good to ponder them- save for the sake of discussion.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Blackcat_13 Jan 30 2011, 11:51am says:

I head a Creative Day today
i was spying on the Mod Db pages of adder Coh mods
And found out that our DB page was a Bit Standard

So Here we Are !
The new Pimp t out Mod DB Page Header !

What do you think guys !

+4 votes     reply to comment
TankGun Jan 30 2011, 12:40pm replied:

The header is really cool Blackcat :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
3mm4nu3L193 Jan 30 2011, 12:35pm replied:

melee system is impossible because its not in the engine.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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This mod is an excellent rendition of both the weapons of WWI and the men who fought there. The men are modeled and portrayed well on both sides of No-Man's-Land. The weapons, like the famous Lee-Enfield and the MG-08, are historically accurate. The gameplay is a whole another world! It adds a totally different feel to the compared to the base Company of Heroes. Trenches are among the biggest additions, along with Chemical Warfare. The trenches have been completely redone, infantry can freely move…

Mar 23 2013, 4:12pm by TheSoldier

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