Mod Features:

Resource Management:

The resource management in The Great Trench War will be considerably different from the vanilla BFMEII. With the objective of making the process as realistic as possible without disturbing the smooth play of BFME, mines and tree harvesting will be replaced with railroads whereby the player captures railway stations. Trains are then dispatched at regular intervals to supply the goods required for construction and unit training.

As a secondary resource, players must capture flags in key strategic locations; this will encourage their commanders to provide more resources.


The gameplay in The Great Trench War will be vastly different from BFMEII in a variety of ways. Trench warfare will be simulated, and there is a strong emphasis on realism. Conversely, however, the speed and fun factor of BFMEII will be maintained where possible.

One important difference encountered in the mod is the removal of rushing tactics. Early defences are cheap and relatively quick to build ( if not pre-built ), and soldiers cause minimal damage to buildings. This prevents a player being eliminated from the game within a matter of minutes, and also allows the creation of an impasse that the player must break. However, with all trenches being crossable by units, they are not in themselves a way of preventing a determined enemy. They can use technology that comes available later in the game, including tanks and planes, to enable their decisive breakthrough. With games lasting longer, the player is given more time to think of more cunning strategies to smash an opponent.

Weapons are also more realistic; infantry are able to kill infantry in one or two shots, yet do little damage to tanks. Unit accuracy has been tweaked and tailored for all units, meaning that, as in real warfare, there is a certain element of luck in each battle.

Game Types:

The Great Trench War will feature some new game types for Skirmish / multiplayer, such as “endurance”. In this mode, one or two players must defend their bases from destruction from several players for a certain time on specified maps, similar to King of the Hill.

Standard skirmish is available, where certain maps are designed for teamplay with teams of varying sizes. Should a human opponent be unavailable, the AI will be designed with the very different gameplay of The Great Trench War in mind.

Eventually, we also intend to release a handful single player campaigns over various time periods and in various theatres of war.

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The French Advance

9 years ago News 1 comment

The recon aircraft requests have come through, General; we were able to acquire an Albatros to scout out the enemy positions as promised, and it has tracked down their positions and found large numbers of French Schneider 155mm C MLE Howitzers:

Additionally, several waves of French Poilus have been advancing all over this sector in their attempts to break a hole in the line, and have brought in some Hotchkiss machinegunners and Chauchats as heavy support. As if this were not enough, a batallion of French Chasseurs have been spotted on the main road to the battlefield, and will arrive within the day.

When all the forces have arrived and regrouped, there are rumours of another strong push in the next few days; an intercepted transmission revealed the likelood of a combined arms attack.

But fear not, General, for we have weapons of our own. The Big Bertha artillery battery has finally arrived, and is directing their fire on the enemy positions. The battery it is larger and greater than we thought; it was reinforced by a second battery en route to allow for some truly colossal barrages!

Yet even with this formidable artillery, General, we must transport more reinforcements into this sector. It is clear that if the french break through here, the third division to the west will be exposed to attacks from the flank; we cannot allow this to happen.

Note: All these screenshots are taken in Command & Conquer: Generals Zero-Hour, and there are many more at our site; this is a condensed version of several weeks of news posts. Battle For Middle Earth II code production is set to begin in a fortnight.

Important TGTW Engine Change Announcement!

9 years ago News 0 comments

After some debating, The Great Trench War team have decided to switch production from the Command and Conquer Generals / Zero Hour engine to the Battle...

The French And The Trenches

10 years ago News 4 comments

The early-war French units are now taking shape; below we show the first in-game shots of the Chasseur standard infantry and the 75mm Artillery Battery...

News From The Front Line

10 years ago News 1 comment

After a quiet period due to personal problems on the administration team, The Great Trench War is back on track! With Germany all but complete, and France...

Shipments, Research And Manufacture

10 years ago News 2 comments

Sir, I come to you with important news. Over the past month, the German base that we have been scrutinising has seen the arrival of several shipments...

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AntiSocialKindaGuy Jun 20 2008 says:

Hi guys,

Because of the new system, I am unable to put this up as an official mod file, so I'll just link to it here. This mod was discontinued many years ago, and was never completed (or, really, even close to). It lacks basic features and has severe balancing and gameplay issues.

This is the only copy of TGTW I still have around; it's a very early alpha on the Zero Hour engine. It's incredibly rough, as you will no doubt see, and arguably unplayable for most people and totally unsuitable for a release. This is provided as is, and there will be no support, no enhancements, no bug fixes and no changes.

Place this in your root ZH folder, make sure you are patched up to 1.4 and you have no other mods installed. After that, you are good to go.

My current mod, Vietnam Glory Obscured, uses a lot of the slow, tactical, infantry-based combat that this mod uses, and is considerably more polished - I suggest you check it out.

If it's WWI you are after, I recommend looking at Leonidas' current project, Verdun, for an online FPS built on the free OGRE engine.

Hope this makes you happy, although sadly I think you'll be somewhat disheartened at how incomplete it is.

You can download the alpha of TGTW here:


+4 votes     reply to comment
SovereignReaper Jun 20 2008 replied:

thx for the download im trying it now

+1 vote     reply to comment
SovereignReaper Jun 12 2008 says:

i thnk i sent sumthin to them i cant remember but i doubt they even bother

+2 votes     reply to comment
CommisarHark May 17 2008 says:

we should try to get an email adress and see if we can contact them

+1 vote     reply to comment
SovereignReaper Apr 3 2008 says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
SovereignReaper Mar 14 2008 says:

i thnk they wont respond thats y

+2 votes     reply to comment
SovereignReaper Mar 9 2008 says:

i dont thnk there going to release a beta

+2 votes     reply to comment
CommisarHark Mar 9 2008 replied:

its still worth a shot

+2 votes     reply to comment
SovereignReaper Feb 27 2008 says:

im asking for a beta

+1 vote     reply to comment
CommisarHark Feb 27 2008 replied:

oh well then. carry on. :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
SovereignReaper Feb 24 2008 says:

lol hey i just got ROTWK can u make it for that 2 plz

+1 vote     reply to comment
CommisarHark Feb 26 2008 replied:

we ask for a demo u ask for a conversion?

+2 votes     reply to comment
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