After defeating the bio-mechanic incarnation of Hitler's rotten remains, the Spear of Destiny has once again been retrieved, and put under full surveillance by elite guards, to assure that the remaining nazi forces will not steal it again.

Only a few days after coming home from another rough visit at Germany, you find yourself shaking hands with the colonel again, leaving your wife behind for another top-secret mission. This time, the evil mastermind Colonel Müller has gone to Africa and have successfully digged out and captured the cup of Christ along with his horrible henchmen, Cabeza de la Mierda, Adolf Grosse and the reincarnated super-version of your past foe in the second Spear rescuing-mission, the mechanic war-machine Himmelpferd!

With the holy grail in their hands, the nazi forces hiding out in Castle Todesdrache, southern Germany have the ability to grant themselves invulnerability! Luckily for you, the sinister quartet of evil Nazi's forgot to fill the cup with the holy water from a pond in the river Nile by the crumbled shrine. Those idiots thought that normal, German spring water would be enough to grant them eternal life! This is your chance, William! You have to infiltrate and put a stop to the evil plans before it is too late, or the world might never see the true end of the second World War!


Based on the Spear of Destiny-engine, this mod will deliver intense and atmospheric gameplay that has not before been seen in the Wolfenstein 3D-world. With new major and minor features added, gameplay has almost been completly revamped from the first version of TGOEL, let alone the original Spear of Destiny!
The mod will feature:

  • Multiple floor/ceiling texture, with "fake dynamic lighting" (lamps cast light onto the floor)
  • Areal shading, based on Ripper's popular code, with the enemies' muzzle flashes and light-decorations being unaffected by the shading for more realism
  • Three new weapons, including dual-wield Lugers and rocket launcher!
  • More or less "interavtive" environments, such as the usual doors, animated candles, wells that you can drink from and armors ;)
  • 22 maps of intense and pseudo-realistic action (yep, it says 22 ;D)
  • An enhanced soundtrack, with either completly new tracks or tracks edited from the original mod version, including an exclusive track composed by Phillip Dyte
  • All new graphics and sounds, either original art/sounds or art/sounds from various other artists
  • New enemy-type replacements for dog and mutant; the knife soldier and the robot/puppet soldier
  • Gun-bobbing to simulate hand-movement as you move, for added realism/esthetic goodyness
  • In-game messages, for a deeper and/or funnier gameplay
  • Complete ingame manual with storyline and detailed instructions
  • Bug-fixes to fix major and minor bugs occuring in original SoD and TGOEL 0.9
  • Full-screen feature, for full experience
  • New game controls menu to activate/deactivate certain new features

That's all the features I can remember for now.

Final game will come in raw version and a version for the lazy ones, lazy-version includes a quick launching tool for windows users that lets you launch through Windows, VDMSound or DOSBox, if mentioned programs are on your harddrive. It also lets you visit the website, to check for updates, download content or just check into the Behind The Scenes-section to read about some fun stuff about the development of the original version.

The mod is due for sometime between the very last days of July to early September, no promises made though.
For further information, visit or the thread at DieHardWolfers;

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The Grail of Eternal Life v.1.5
The Grail of Eternal Life v.1.5
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wolfenstein escape from wolfenstein mapset

wolfenstein escape from wolfenstein mapset

Full Version

good levels of this original wolfenstein. great old game =)


Is the Wolf3d mapset released on June 16 2013 what was left of TGOEL 1.5? Or is it an altogether unrelated mod?

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