The Fourth Age: Total War - The Dominion of Men is a full-conversion & fully modfoldered modification for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion 1.6. Inspired solely by the written works of J.R.R. Tolkien, it seeks to reflect both the spirit and lore of Middle-earth as Tolkien saw it. The Dominion of Men is fully stable, feature-rich, innovative, thoroughly balanced, and conforms to the highest standards of both graphical and coding quality.

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This mod really captures the feel of middle earth. The unit models especially just feel so right for the setting and look great without being over designed. The gameplay is great and really enjoyed my campaigns as Gondor and Harad.

One of the best mods i have ever played
Some small tweaks still need finishing but if ur a fan of Lord of the Rings and the Total War series, get this mod, i had no problems with Install and no major problems while ive been playing it

I think that somebody even thought to do a mod on the 4th age is genius I have played "The New Shadow" and loved it any Tolkien fan that likes Total War should get this mod. I love that they had the imagination to continue what Tolkien didn't finish I want to thank you guys for this wonderful mod

Good mod!Still need goblins and maybe hobbits


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