The Family is a truly unique modding experience, as it follows the story of the young gangster Tony in an entire black and white film noir-ish world of the 1930's mafia era. The Family is released now, so download it!

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My advice is to play this mod with Mafia I soundtrack !

a very short story, but with a good atmosphere

Great mode. I'm quite tempted to make a The Family 2, with max payne 2 modding for better quality. If this sounds good to the original developers please contact me!

Heh, the coder wont give all weapons(but this don't make any sense)
HAH, the black'n white idea is not good

Among the first mods I played on Max Payne.

I liked the black and white filter and I greatly enjoyed the level design and action, but the story, voice-acting and overall length was disappointing, but if your looking for some way to extend Max Payne, then look no further :)


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