Year 2552. The Earth is no longer habitable since year 2401 due to the atmosphere collapse and temperature rise in planet Earth. Human race has been forced to live in the different colonized planets into the Solar System. This was called "The Second Exodus". After the "Enceladus Atmosphere Implementation Program" (EAIP) succeeded in year 2295, Saturn's moon ENCELADUS turned into the most important human colony into the Solar System altogether with Titan's. Even though the extreme cold conditions are still uncontrollable in a 40% of Enceladus, there's liquid water produced during the EAIP in a almost a 35% of its surface, enabling the proper ecosystem for human being subsistence and many other life forms... Due to its perfect gravity conditions (very similar to the Earth's) after the EAIP, ENCELADUS colony became a planet of interest to Aperture Laboratories to develop its more ambitious testing program, The Enceladus Initiative.


This is simply an article about which different designs could fit better for a laser field onto a panel in the middle of nowhere. There must be some kind of support that justifies a laser field being active there. The problem, when the panel is not near any wall, is that you cannot place the fizzler props (with their skin set to "2", the one black/red for the laserfield) embbed into the walls. Let's try some solutions...

Posted by josepezdj on May 15th, 2012

This is in reply to Pauolo comment regarding these elements I created for some submerged parts in some maps. To be frank I also think that there's something strange, that doesn't really fit too well... This is the element I'm talking about:

sp enceladus map 040046

sp enceladus map 040047

Well, the following are some initial designs in order to gather opinions that help me decide... Who want to share his/her opinions??

enceladus test0003

This is the one I like most because it makes you feel the hazard

enceladus test0000

Well, here it is the usual plastic frame texture everywhere... not too bad.

enceladus test0002

This has a black/grey border... I think the black gets lost into the atmosphere, it doesn't fit too well...

enceladus test0001
This is the TOP view. Check out that the difference between the top square and the bottom one is not that big... I think...

UPDATE (2012 May, 23th): Guys, this is the latest approach: top square thickness and shape changed. New dark texture in inner sides with a "laser line on it":


So does anyone want to share any thought about this subject?? Any suggestions will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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MrtwovideoCards May 16 2012 says:


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soad667 May 16 2012 says:

Indeed, the ones up there look kinda ugly.

From your suggestions, my vote goes for the middle one, with the grey frame. Seems more fit to the general style you have in there.

The first one makes it more obvious that you shouldn't touch the hazard :P, but the black/yellow frame has a more... industrial feeling. I believe a single colored frame fits better with the overall theme.

As for the black one, feels kinda bland with all the details around.

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josepezdj Author
josepezdj May 16 2012 replied:

Thanks a lot for commenting and for the detailed explanation! I know my suggestions are not too different amongst them and I should have included some others... I may keep on thinking about this design a little bit more...

I'd also choose the middle one because is more "soft" and it fits with the rest very easily, but I'm not sure if those frames do justify the laser field, maybe I could texture the inner faces differently? black or some dark border instead??

Also I may only leave the 2 frames perpendicular to the laser field beams (which would be the ones "emitting" the laser) and remove the other 2... what about that? :D

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josepezdj Author
josepezdj May 16 2012 says:

Have you checked out the "Cube chase mini game room" pictures I posted? There I used the "hazarous" yellow/black textures as well... don't think they do not fit at all... they look very integrated indeed...

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soad667 May 16 2012 says:

Yeah, after reading your answer, single colored frame might seem too soft for a device emitting a deadly laser. Good idea the different color for the inner faces, will make the frames stand out more.

About leaving only the two frames emitting the laser, not really sure how it will look, but it makes sense. When i first saw the screenshots, i thought of that, but a few moments later i got used to it and really liked what i was looking. A fresh/different design, even if the other two frames have no reason to exist except for the looks.

About the yellow/black texture, yeah it's not that it doesn't fit at all, stands more for a "device" that needs attention. Might be my personal taste, cause i prefer soft colors more in general.

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Pauolo May 16 2012 says:

The frame look better than the original model, but I think it is a bit too large for the platform, and the supports look a bit more fragile in that way. Maybe try to adjust the size of the frame to the size of the platform and put it on said platform.

But if you're keeping the new model you created, I would suggest the white (plastic (actually moon rocks ftw), because the black one does not fit well with the rest of the room, same for the yellow/black lines since in this model they have no white frame around them.

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tile May 16 2012 says:

ilikethe firstones bestbecause they fit your mod's mood and have portal 1 style panel arms.

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josepezdj Author
josepezdj May 17 2012 says:

Thanks to all for commenting and good points!

@soad667: Hmm... I'll keep the square shape instead of the only 2 frames that emit the laser field, I also like more this design, it's freshy as you said, because we're not used to any similar one... thanks! Decided!

@Pauolo: well, about size of the upper square, please check the new picture I've taken for you. I don't really think they are such that bigger than the plattform size... I tried to add only a few units on every side (maybe they look larger because of the picture angle). On the other hand, I have to leave some space to make the 4 angled arms that connect both frames (top and bottom), like you see in the picture; I think that if I reduce the upper square I'll compromise the design... It's true that looks a bit more fragile though, I can add some more thickness at least to the upper square.

About colour, it's ok, I'll check out a soft colour texture for outside but a darker one for the inner sides.

@tile: thanks for your support! Well, at first I liked them, overall because of the Portal arms (I also loved them) and because I had the fizzler props (which are the ones that truly emitts lasers!) but the truth is that after messing around with the new concept design I think I'll continue on that way as it looks softer... I may do a test with a couple of arms similar to those but maybe smaller, that could also look good...

I'll post some more pictures later!

Thanks again to all of you guys!!!

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josepezdj Author
josepezdj May 23 2012 says:

Hey all! I've included a new design that I hope you like more than the previous ones... It's a kinda collage showing different angles and details. I think it looks prety much better now with the new texture in the inner sides with the laser line... I hope to hear your comments! Thanks!

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Pauolo May 23 2012 says:

Hmm, I like the new shape, but I'm not sure it fits good with the rest of the environment. About the darker color on the inside, the lasers look better with that.

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Cdm966 Aug 8 2012 says:

I like the the one that shows you that the laser field Is a hazard.

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