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In this article we want to discuss changes, that will be added in 1.5 deeper.

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The Elder Scrolls: Total War – 1.5. State of development

elder scrolls total war

The past 2017 turned out to be very successful for our mod - version 1.4, which we for so long promised, postponed, abandoned, developed and polished by the end of November, finally saw the light in the same form in which we planned it in the summer, and it turned out even slightly thicker. Our dear players finally got the Valenwood faction in the form in which they wanted it (and, to our surprise, even in what it was suddenly and spontaneously we wanted), and they even had the opportunity to rule hordes of the undead, albeit not in the form in which they desired.

Moreover, although we announced shortly before the release that 1.4 would be the last major version of the mod, you could have guessed for a long time that we changed our mind. Almost two months ago, since patch 1.4.1 came out and we almost do not have the principles that we adhered to, we are developing a new major version - 1.5, the main provisions of which we have already outlined in the last article. Now I, DaedraWarrior, on behalf of our small but very proud team, want to tell you how far the development of the new version has progressed, what has already been done, what we are currently working on, and what remains to be done.

adamantine tower battle

It is difficult to single out any part of the plan that would have been 100% ready. Version 1.5 is still far from complete, but we very much hope that we will have time to release it before the end of the Q1 of 2018. Whatever it was, now we are not in a hurry to call the exact release dates - it will be obvious only for 3-4 weeks immediately before the release.

As for working on the stratmap, now we are trying to add to it more unique models, such as Adamantine and Crystal towers, which you can see in the screenshots below. We are also working to ensure that as many heroes as possible can get unique models on both the strategic map and in the battles - you could already see the King Gothryd and Sir Bridwell, Joffrey and Uriel Septim, Camoran Kaltos and the unnamed King Summerset (do not be afraid, Naariffin did not lost), but it's not all the models for heroes that we have already done and which we still have to do. Also, we finally polish the stratmap architecture of the factions, adding them ports and changing some of the old models - such as bosmer and House of Telvanni.

adamantine tower

crystal tower

The interface for all cultures is almost complete. For a long time LoRdNazguL pored over the drawing of various icons, and we hope you enjoy the final transformation of the UI, which you will see in 1.5. Now the key tasks in the finalization of the interface are the implementation of a heap of portraits into the game for all agents, which I stubbornly created in the Skyrim racemenu and to draw more TES-style icons for buildings.

In 1.5, new units will also appear. By the end of the month, we hope to show you new mercenaries who, under certain conditions, will be able to hire by all the factions of the southern coast, including the ubiquitous Empire, and will soon begin work on hired armies for all Iliac Bay factions. We do not yet know what kind of mercenaries to give to the Great Houses of Morrowind, so the proposals are welcome! Some factions, for example, Pelletine and Hammerfell clans, too, will soon receive new units - the concepts have already been collected.

Regarding scripted events, we cannot promise anything now, except mercenary armies - this business always requires careful polishing, balancing and testing. Perhaps, in 1.5, the long-awaited Nerevarine and the Cyrodiil Champion will return.

Also now we are working on returning unique settlements to custom battles - with 90% accuracy, we can say that in 1.5 you can besiege and defend the Imperial City and Vivec, and possibly - also a new ancient stronghold, which was not in mod until now.

And, finally yet importantly, the recently promised TESO-style content is the new architecture of the Altmer cities. Back at last, in the work on the mod as a modeler, I'm glad to present you the new maps of the cities of the Aldmeri Dominion, which will be available to you in the campaign. By the way, most of the new units presented in 1.5 will rely on the visual style of the last game of TES series. I hope that Bethesda will not release a new TES until we finish the work on the mod so we do not have to remake any Valenwood or Khajiits\Argonians from scratch.



That's all. To make it easier for you to follow our mod, here is a list of pages where you can contact us:





Twitter – here you can follow the announcements of major news, trailers and updates


Форум Империал

Группа Вконтакте – здесь мы публикуем переводы статей с ModDB на русский язык

Thank you for attention. DaedraWarrior, the developer of the TESTW.


like russians say - sexual (instead of sexi)

job well done, good luck with this!

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good work!

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the buildings are.... .... .... I love them! :)

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It will be so immersive!

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those buildings are so cool

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holy %#*$! the only thing i could have wanted more from this mod was unique cultures, and you guys are actually doing it! hyped af!

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As long as they keep the middle-eastern aesthetic of the khajiit I'm happy.

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LOOKS SUPERB! The buildings are freaking gorgeous!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU GUYS!

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Hello Devs.... I know this is kinda like a review but I don't care.... Anyways, I have been following your project for a little bit now and I and I absolutely love this mod. There are a few tid bits that I personally would change but I still think this mod is great. I really like how you try to stay consistent to the lore and make the game and Elder Scrolls world feel a lot larger than we got in the past 3 main titled Elder Scrolls games. I really hope you succeed in your journey through pushing this mod to its full potential.

There are some things that I would like to see change. Well this is just personal taste and it really fits in with the lore....
1: take a good long look at the map from Elder Scrolls: Arena. Now we all know Arena was a heap of **** but it really tried to immerse us into the world of Tamriel even though it didn't quite succeed. My point being, If it is in anyway possible to add the town and city locations from Arena into Elder Scrolls: TW that would absolutely be amazing. I havnt played every faction so I really don't know but I do notice somethings about Skyrim.
2. Make Skyrim the true home of the Nords.... The Nords live in the land of Skyrim, the frozen wasteland of the North, home to the most dangerous creatures I all of Tamriel. If you look at the Tamriel map from Arena and Daggerfall you'll notice that Skyrim is completely frozen, the only thing that isn't is the Reach. What we got In Elder Scrolls 5 was Todd Howard's BS version based off of Scandinavia.

3. And the most important.... Riverwood has walls

Now you don't have to do these things obviously and I'm not going to freak out if you don't but it would help make Tamriel more Lore friendly. I don't know ow, I guess I'm a person who always looks to the future.

P.S.... Riverwood has walls

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Riverwood didn't have walls until after the dragon sighting. That's years after the Oblivion Crisis.

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I downloaded this mod a couple of weeks ago (amazing concept and detailed work btw), and I played with Valenwood, everything was going smoothly until turn 153.
When I pass the turn just after the turn of the Rebels the game crashes.
Any idea what might be causing this? Any solution in mind? Should I just reinstall the mod?
Thank you in advance

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