Hey guys, this is my first serious custom story and I would love it if you try it out and give me feedback and tell me whether or not I should create a chapter two. It took a while to make it work properly (that includes everything looking good, no glitches and so on). It's finally complete that is, I'm busy hanging out with friends and playing other games and whatnot. Anyways, here it is!

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Didn't enjoyed it much, but the score is lower because of the teleporting naked guys.



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I decided to play this custom story, since I saw a video of Yamimash and Markiplier playing this.
The story is really "dry". Your friends just abandon you in some house, that they felt that it was haunted, and there's a random monster chasing you trought the whole game? The gameplay is basically just going from a room to another room, finding keys, avoidin monsters, finding keys, going trought doors... Also what is up with the place when you are going to the library? The ceiling especially. Also there are flying naked guy jumpscares. And when I went to the place called "Outside?", bunch of monsters attack me, I die and the game tells me, that I don't have the required items. I stopped playing there.
Sure this CS can be very enjoyable, but I personally didn't like it that much. 6/10

It was way too short with tiny maps, and you were using nearly the same sound track in most maps.....nothing special


lilman says

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I oved this mod good amount of jumpscares and some puzzle solving with a dash of monsters diservese 10/10 stars totaly!!!!


Gwweri says

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Good for one play.
Sometimes it was difficult to find keys or find out what to do. I can´t agree with reviews saying "good level design". Yes, the rooms were mostly filled of details but there was too much of light and oil.
And going straight from one room to another was meretricious (and annoying, without storyline). This, in my opinion, destroyed the atmosphere.
The reason why I don´t mark this custom story as an average are jumpscares. Their timing is brilliant.
I more appreciate custom stories with great storyline, hiding and exploring but anyone who likes jumpscares and wants to play cs without much of thinking should try this!

Story 4/10
Gameplay 7/10
Atmosphere 7/10

+1 point to average (It´s not my sort, but others can love it)

Total: 7/10

Excellent custom story! Everyone should try this 10/10


good story

Really great work. Few, but intense jumpscares and an overall fantastic atmosphere due to a nice little storyline that makes me not able to wait for Chapter Two!!


Lihatiski says

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Super awesome!


good, not great. better than most custom stories in terms of gameplay and story. there are jumpscares/teleporting naked guys but its justified because the character is supposed to be losing his mind. the jumpscares are not overdone and im definitely going to play chapter two there was just nothing that makes you say "wow, im going to play that again!"

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