'The Deluge' is a multiplayer mod set in 17th century Europe. It offers historically accurate factions, troops and equipment, many improvements to gameplay and tactics, tons of new models/textures, a lot of unique features (eg. animated flora and banners, working cannons, boats and ferries, building defences) and much, much more...

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Aug 28th, 2015 0 people agree 0 people don't

I love this mod, it's props, it's items, it's design and idea. Lots of accurate item models, Accurate Armours, Clothing and lots of gunpowder.... LOTS OF IT!

here comes my rant:
I think the stats a lot of the items are a bit too off, unlike a rapier is 32P and 15C that is completely right, i love it, but than i see something like this Halberd 32C 29P 78 speed. WTF? that speed, that damage? no wonder nobody ever takes Halberds again after they have used it once, they always take pikes or bardiches.
Now to the curved swords, i see Karabela doing 23C? seriously? that sword is ment to cut beastly and this is why it removes it's ability to thrust, while frickin turkish daggers do 31C, DAGGERS. and than all the straight bladed swords who do about 42 to 26 Piercing damage at thrust, 27 to 35 cutting. What? Look, Curved swords are ment to cut and do that better than Straight swords, not a lot but enough to be really noticable.

Now to the Armours, i love the armours in this mod, they are detailed to the point, look practical in all forms. My Complaint is, the stats! Alright one example: Scottish Breastplate 27 Weight, 22 body armor, what, there are some cloth armor higher than that, Hussar Helmet 32, really, a hussar helmet? With the big noseguard and the thick steel on top? Are you serious?

That was my rant, if there is a better guy at handling stats i would gladly give it 10/10, easily the best mod of warband if the stats are fixed, it actually probably hurts me more than you, to make this big of a post and feel sad seeing these beautiful modelled items do **** or just do a lot than they should have been doing.

The Earlier Versions on the stats if without the bugs where ten times better than now!

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