Baron Raymond Renald was a man of power and was greatly admired by his folks. He was considered one of the mightiest barons of all time which had caused inhabitants from several nearby villages to migrate within his field of power. A few weeks ago, Raymond suddenly vanished without a trace. Rumors got passed around, even horror stories. Some people claim he was murdered by evil monsters, but that is just plain nonsense to scare children, right? Others claimed he developed a severe depression after his mother's passing during the plague, and chose to take his own life. If that was the case, the servants of the castle would had already found him and reported it to the governor. Seeing that nobody has seen or heard anything of the servants though is awfully odd. What has actually happened to the Baron?

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july??? dude i hate to tell you but i'm pretty sure amfp will be out by then. if i'm not correct, it's out in april or may. :\

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Kreaturet Author

Yeah, I am well aware of this.
I will try to release this ASAP, but I think I will need the time.
Hopefully, there will be people playing this mod despite the release of AMFP, or at least a while after it when most people have finished the game.

I really hope AMFP will be as mod-friendly as TDD because I will totally make another mod in AMFP. :)

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So the finalized version is nearing completion! I suck at making trailers and the in-game footage difficulty is not helping. Anyways, hope you will all play this mod when it is released!
Voice acting by: Bunnypoppop (FG Forum)

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