THE DARK MOD was once a total conversion of Doom 3, and is now a STANDALONE GAME with the release of TDM 2.0! A dark and moody stealth game, inspired by the Thief series by Looking Glass Studios.

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The Dark Mod recreate the beautiful Thief atmosphere with successfull.

If you liked the original game, you'll love this mod.


The classic Thief experience put into the community's hands. It is perfect!

For a thief fan like me, The Dark Mod is all and more that I could ask for.
Since Thief 2: The Metal Age, modders and mappers have been stuck with what today is out of date tech to create fan missions and getting their sneaking fix.
The Dark Mod breathes new life into the Thief modding community and brings it into the next gen video game realm through Doom 3's id Tech 4 engine.

The people behind the Dark Mod have done new scrips, new AI, new textures, new models, new music, new gameplay elements, voice acting(Benny!).. So much new content coming together to form a tool set which modders can use to create their fan missions and share it with other Thief and stealth fans.

And all of it feels just like a Thief game should feel, down to the sound of your feet slowly creeping across the cobbles... The tension as you carefully peek around the corners of a seemingly empty corridor.. And the frantic panic as you flail your sword at your opponent, while at the same time dodging the powerful blows of the warhammer crashing down upon you.

As far as mods go, this is the penultimate step of a total conversion, before it could almost be called a totally new Thief game in its own right.
But who needs a new Thief game, when there are so many new stories waiting to be told, missions to be created and experienced in The Dark Mod.


Simply an amazing achievement.

The best mod I've ever played. While it doesn't have the grandness that the Nameless mod has from a long winding campaign, it however comes in a more varied package by allowing you to play fan missions with gameplay that's like a updated version of Thief 1 and 2. The Dark Mod has alot of work done that transforms Doom 3 into Thief. I have no idea how they managed to accomplish this but if they didn't say it was a Doom 3 I would not have known...
The Dark mod is really the best thing to play while waiting for Thief 4. Its alot better then Thief 3 in alot of ways, its environments are larger like back in the good old days of thief 1 & 2 and its got rope arrows.

Its mantling and movement is so fluid its like nothing I've ever seen before. And reading books is in real time instead of pausing the game, which I thought adds to the tension/immersiveness.
Interaction with the environment and items is also really immersing, the way you can rotate items your holding, hold them further from your body, or closer. I have alot of fun just throwing them around, physics on them is just really beautiful to see. Seeing rats scuttering about is also a pleasant surprise.
Lockpicking is interesting to say the least, its always different in every Thief game and this mod is once again different. It require precise timing, attention to hearing (the game provides you with a difficulty setting for it thankfully in case you think its hard).
Voice work is a neat addition, and while the mod could use more lines it has decent voice acting.

...and the recent patch fixes my issues with blackjacking.
All that really remains that seems unfinished is the sword combat. But then again I've never played Thief for that so I guess it doesn't really matter.
It doesn't have 3rd person but I've always thought first person is far more immersive.

Now is better time then ever, especially considering Doom 3 can be gotten for $20 on steam (I got it for $5 on a weekend sale).


Pretty cool guy

As a spiritual successor to the Thief series, The Dark Mod does everything right. Like Thief: Deadly Shadows, it offers much improved graphics over Thief and Thief II, most noteably dynamic shadows, and unlike TDS it also gives the player more freedom rather than more loading zones. TDM makes climbing fun.

TDM doesn't have an official campaign yet, but the user community is thriving and growing. In the year TDM has existed, it has more fan-made missions than TDS has in its three years.

While combat is better than in TDS, it's still a bit too complex and frustrating. However, since the stealth mechanics are excellent and I don't care much for combat at all, I'm still giving it a 10/10.


To all those nay-sayers, I have a simple task for you: Play the climbing area in the training mission and then go back to one of the classic Thief games and do some crate stacking and mantling... =) (Be warned: Doing so will probably kill your enjoyment of Thief completely. ^^ )

I followed this mod for years, contributed with some models, played every mission. It's just an unbelievable community effort that this mod exists and is still in active development.


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