The CrowGuard are an elite mercenary force, who are often brought in to handle difficult situations. The planet they originate from was once a small earth colony until a deadly disease and the hard conditions present there caused most of the colony to die out. but the colonists that survived rose from the debry of their fallen government and united under the flag of F'nGhruchd, a great "old one" who is believed to have travelled to the planet during the troubles (or perhaps caused them) and the survivors are said to be his "chosen few" They chose to name their army after the Earth Bird that smuggled its self with the colonists and survived the apocalypse by feeding on the weak.

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the latest news and info on the continued development of this mod, its been a while but theres no point posting new when i have none

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News and info!

Work on this modification has slowed to a grind, due to schoolwork and other projects, including another cortex command modification (with more realism, cant say much more now :D) and learning how to code for the LÖVE engine.

Although this mod is ofcourse still open to suggestions, want some new gun ect, just suggest it to me. some planned parts have been scrapped, but could be reincluded at some point if there was demand.
These include,
-a set of base fortifications (such as a peephole with sliding shutters)
-a new economy system (in a nutshell commanders would generate dosh over time)
-a few REALLY hard assualt missions where (like in the missions that come with CC) you would either
~defend a base for a certain amount of time against the crowguard
~attack a crowguard base, or a really heavy coalition with the crowguard

Whats coming in the 1.0 version?

Well not much, a new medic character, a few changes to the npcs and the possibility of a new mining tool for hopmining through incoming dropships.

The Tutorial

you may have noticed the addition of a tutorial to the tutorial page a while back, this is probably old
news, but im really pleased with the feedback from the community about it, if you dont it is a guide for noobs to your first cortex command mod, it includes:

-Correctly setting up the folders for an ordered mod folder-
-Creating indexes-
-Creating your first weapon-
-Modifying your weapon (parts of the weapon .ini)-
-Dealing with Crashes (X_X)-
-Creating your own sprites-
-Understanding the filetypes-
-a set of files for the tutorial-

so ill see you all on the other side keep enjoying indie games, and playing mods.


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