This mod will start were the original Half Life2 episode 2 ended, with the death of Alyx her father. She became sick by the loss and layes in bed. Magnusson needs Gordon to look for Kleiner, because he has disapeared. The last time he did see Kleiner was when he spoke about going to the Borealis to blow the ship and everything inside up. Gordon needs to travel by airplane to the North pole and find Kleiner, and save the ship. Will you be on time? And will you find out what the secret cargo is that is inside the ship?

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EddAdrian Dec 18 2014, 5:11pm says:

looks kinda cheap and too long to be honest but that's just my opinion

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Phenixtri Dec 18 2014, 5:11pm says:

not bad but those white pingpong things don't fit IMO Id recommend making them semi transparent with particle effects around them to make it look kinda like the old teleport wisps from HL1.

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DarkShift Dec 18 2014, 6:12pm says:

Even by your "standards", the Exorcist theme felt a little out of place here...

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JoshZemlinsky Dec 19 2014, 3:24am says:

I do agree that the white balls need some changing. But people, please remember, this is still work in progress. Nothing is final yet.

Anyways, i really like the part where Gordon flies through time and space, that was creatively impressive lol.

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps Dec 19 2014, 5:30am says:

Thanks guys, for your comments!!

Never looked at it that way, but now you all say those white balls look a bit out of place this way i do agree i better could make them semi transparent. I already had a feeling of that they looked kind of odd. But the problem is that i need to map with what i can find in HL2 ep2 and on the internet. Could i create exactly what i have in mind things would be so different. About the Exorcist music being out of place, i personaly don't agree with that. I always loved that part of music (tubular belss) and thought it did fit very well here. So, i will keep that in. The teleport part does indeed take a bit to much time probably, i agree with that to. Am already working on that.
its so hard to make a very, very impressive scene, with only what i can find. I need to use "stuff" for things that they were not developed for, what is quit a task.

And i am glad you do like Gordon flying through space Josh, a lot of people thought that that was really out of place. O well, its alwasy impossible to please everyone.


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coolguy32 Dec 20 2014, 1:16am replied:

Mate,this looks pretty good even for a beta,but i already know that there will be plenty of cutscenes in this mod,Like that teleport scene didn't fit with the soundtrack,can you mind using more fitting tracks? Like i think this would fit in pretty well (Sorry if it sound wrong,lol)
Anyways,im just suggesting it,you can leave it as you like,Can't wait till my playthrough of this at January,Anyways,Happy Christmas also :)

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DarkShift Dec 19 2014, 2:38pm says:

Gordon catapulted like a rocket in space is fun, indeed.
But even if I like the use of well-known OSTs in mods or games, I'm not convinced when some of them are used in different contexts, or the fact that some music are too linked to a particular context or movie, that they can't be used elsewhere any more.
but that's just IMHO.

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps Dec 21 2014, 3:56pm says:

i like that part of music coolguy32, although it is a very quiet song, or how do i say this, a very not hectic song so to speak, were you linked to in your comment. it is always very hard to find the right music, nothing seems to be more personal as your taste of music.
i am very aware of that music is a huge part of a good mod, so i do try to use music that fits as well as possible.

and indeed is tubular bells a very known OST darkshift, but personally i don't think that this makes that it can't be used anywere else anymore.

although i do try my best to use assets that are liked by as much players as possible. for instance hard rock music etc, that you will never find in one of my mods.
-i am not a hard rock fan by the way, was just a example.

thanks for commenting and showing interest,

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poisonheadcrab Dec 21 2014, 7:08pm says:

I don't know how I feel about 3'rd person cut-scenes. Half-Life was unique in having everything seen only through your eyes. If you do wish to have cut-scenes than at least make Gordon silent, I really hated the part where he ports into the combine ship and starts using rebel dialog.

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[MC]Pimpão Dec 22 2014, 2:06am says:

I do like the concept of it but i also think it needs A LOT of work until it looks as professional as it should to keep up with the rest of your work.
I would like to explain some of the suggestions that i happened to think of but unfortunately i find myself without time these days.
Best of luck!

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps Dec 23 2014, 12:47pm says:

I'm not sure what you mean Poinsonheadcrab, because i don't make Gordon speak in this mod, he does make a breathing sound in one cutscene but that is it, no talking and specially no combine sounds, because that would really be odd.

And i am always up for improvement and suggestions. It does wonder me however that you think my previous mods look more professional because i put in so much more time and effort in this mod as all my previous ones.
Maybe you think differently ones you can play it Pimpao, know that i do my best to make this mod as good as possible.

thanks for your comments,

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poisonheadcrab Dec 30 2014, 12:44pm replied:

I didn't say he used combine sounds. I said it seemed like Gordon was emitting yells & pain sfx from the rebel NPC's.

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RedSlug Dec 25 2014, 7:16am says:

Some thoughts:

The balls and disks look like work in progress - I thought that those would become energyballs or some kind of energy-based-effects.

The teleporter warmup sequence also lacks of a proper soundscheme: Only the lightning and sparks currently seem to have sounds. Some crescendo which supports the build up of the portal.

The ride trough the portal's looking good, but the sudden stop of the camera at the GitS-like discs is throwing the viewer out of the atmosphere.

Use some fade outs and fade ins between the cuts between the teleport scenes and the ships in the orbit.

The fighting and the combine charging is a bit too long, maybe cut one scene from it?

Transition between the cutscene and the playable part on the ship: Maybe add a non controllable movement of Gordon getting up instead of just spawning in the normal, standing postilion.

Some particle effects for the falling pod: maybe some small flakes come off it during the fall to support the velocity of fall (I imagine this looks good while approaching the cityscape).

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RedSlug Dec 25 2014, 7:45am replied:

EDIT: Something like that:

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps Dec 31 2014, 8:27am says:

WOW RedSlug, you clearly did put a lot of time, effort and thought in your comment and i apriciate it very much!!
A lot of things you say make sence of are indeed better and i will see which i can implement.

The problem with my modding/mapping is that i am a leveldesigner who has to realise his ideas with whatever i can found around on modder sites etc. I have searched for a long time for people to help me out with several issues but nearly always people seem to be enthousiastic but only for a day or two. Then i simply don't hear from them again. So, i have to see which things i can use, but, i am getting quit close to what i want.
As i said, i will however see what i can do to improve a lot of things, i already have added your list if thoughts to my TO-DO list.

thanks RedSlug!!!


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Cutscene large teleport BETA

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Dec 18th, 2014
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