The chasing is a Amnesia: The dark descent Custom story. You are Daniel. One day, you are resting peacefully in your home, when suddenly you wake up in an unknown place...

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Another junk? Not the worst of it but still Amnesia junk.


Stressful as hell, but I enjoyed it.


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Scared Me!

Needs a lot of work on lighting and detailing. Good start though

lots of action, a lot of scares even I couldn't handle (I'm very calm lol), difficult parts (Like the chasing from the two monsters and having to close the door and wah >.<)
it was pretty good, I don't understand why the rating is so low :( well...


a good story, with quite a few jumpscares (A bit too many maybe) and ALOT of naked guys!! I noticed a few design flaws though which u can find back in my videos @

All with all 7/10 ♥


It was very fun, but i noticed some map design that could have been a little better, but that somehow added a little charm to it...great overall! :D


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This custom story was so ****, had like most bugs/glitches ever, lmfao so bad


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