Your name is Benjamin D. Anderson, you are the son of King George IV, and you have lived in this castle for 17 years. You recently have heard that your Uncle Lucas has been conducting some type of experiments in his laboratory for the past 2 weeks.

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Humeba says

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That was actually a very good custom story. I didn't like the jump scares at all, but I really enjoyed playing it. thank you for making it and I hope to see more from you.


Sawi says

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Good custom story :D 9/10

Nice CS bro, their are a few glitches in it and lacks instruction, but i really enjoyed it. keep up the good work :D


really good custom story. compared to that it is your first custom story it it truely amazing. its really scary and the story is really good. i recommend this to all!!!



Pretty awesome CS, I loved everything in it ^_^


rikmac says

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Nice CS, good atmosphere throughout, let down by the flying naked guys...shame, kinda ruined what could have been really excellent mod.


Nice custom story 10/10. :)



I can only give this a ten.
This has a good story, good puzzles, great scares and monsters, I really loved it. That's why I just HAD to finish it without looking to gameplay videos of other people.
When I started collecting the orbs, I was excited to find them all.
Too bad of the error in King George IV's room, but you helped me with it, thank you for that.
The story ends with a question mark, I suppose, as it is a dead end.
Would be nice if you would make another part of this, or just another custom story. Love the style, love the story. Thanks!

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