The Call to Arms is a Battlefield 1942 mod that focuses mainly on the Canadian contribution to the Second World War. Many people know very little about the key roles that the Canadians played that eventually lead to the destruction of the axis forces. This mod will try to focus mainly on accuracy of the battles while keeping playability in mind. This might even be an educational tool to some who know little about the Canadian effort.

Though still in its infancy, The Call to Arms is moving very smoothly but attempting to make a mod with such accuracy will take time. When this mod is released, we hope you all learn a little about the Canucks.

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Australia though a small army was a fierce army. in WW1 when the british carged in the huns were like oh well here they come again but when the aussie charged they would **** em selves. and in WW2 we liberated lebanon from the vici french when the english pulled out tobruk, pacifc we floged the japanese the choco soldiers flogged at kokoda n they were properly trained and equipt.

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canada? who cares what canada did in world war 2?! yeah? so what? u makin USA sound so weak...if USA attacks canada now u are a bunch of pansies infront of it! cuz yall would be buning under the tomahawk rockets it'd be sending to u. and australia? **** 2 nukes and there IS no australia. sure USA sucks at iraq and ahganistan yeah but canada? please, canda wont last 2 seonds against the taliban warriors or arab fighters. we the arab countries **** any country in a war against us. israel? got ****** up. and we the arabs are known to be tough plz...dont say canada is somethin cuz it sucks ***** ***** and pussies...

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You ******* Retard We Have fought in constants in the beginning and payed for your ******* war in blood sweat and tears and if you were to invade us we would go to DC and burn down the white house again and we would fight you even after our much better trained army is taken down well just give some nuke materiel and blow **** up in the states any ways .

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america is ment to be the most powerful country in the world and lost against a **** weak country like iraq not including afghanistan the russians lost in afghanistans and the russians are more powerful then america there equipment leaves the american equipment for dead.

the ak-108 makes the m4 carbine look like a pee shooter

the mig 1.44 makes the f-22 look like a glider.

and american soldiers are practically given a weapon and told to go fight unlike australian soldiers who are naturally educated soldiers.

and i been to canada great people they are there beer is almost as nice as australian beer unlike american beer tastes like its 1/8th beer and 7/th water can drink it all night and not get drunk. and the girls are well lets just say very nice.

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australia was the one that did the most in africa and the middle east

el alamein

where 2 battles britain and france couldnt win it was australia who won it.

australia also alot of the hard battles in the pacific the americans had the numbers so it was like 10 yanks to one jap so how could they lose even though they had a bloody tough time with it.

australia beat the japanese when it was 6 japs to one aussie and the americans never fought the emperors royal guard it was the australians that defeated them.

the emperors royal guard are the toughest soldiers japan has they protect the emperor.

and in the the korean war the caznadians fought alongside the australians and canadians also fought along side the aussies in the vietnam war.

australia did the tough fighting though we where the ones england made go in for battles england knew they couldnt win.

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1. We did the most work by far in Italy. Our Italy was USA's Pacific and Britain's Africa.

2. We took the 2nd toughest beach on D-Day with the 3rd Most (Of the 5 major beaches) forces. In spite of such crappy odds, our soldiers drove further through than ANY of the opposing forces. We even held the beach!

3. In both Vimy Ridge (WWI) and Caen, (WWII) Canada managed to capture an area after multiple forces failing the job. This is because our army requires more education and gives more training to it's soldiers than many other countries...

...USA on the other hand, cranks out drop-outs armed with things worth more than they are like McDonalds makes hamburgers. I may be generalizing but I'm just giving you a taste of your own medicine.

All 4 of the major countries did a tremendous job. If you take away either of them, there is no victory.

No USA = Japan owns us, Germany does better at D-Day

No Britain = No foothold anywhere near Europe

No Canada = Italy is still in, Germany mobilizes no forces in defense at Ortona, Everyone bites a bigger bullet at D-Day

No Russia = Germany having 5 times the men in reserve!

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GOD DAMN LIER! dis this country again and :dead:

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Ho Realy Canada suck's Well here's a fact for you at Vimy The Brit's gave it a try and failled the French gave it a try and failled the amarican's gave it a try and failled. Canada Goe's in and we take vimy in less then 5 month's and 12 day's, we lost over 75 % less then the american's did when they tried it and we Won at Vimy.

Ho and dont even get me in the first mustard gaz attack made by german's, where every one would of had run we charged even as we where dying and drowing in our own blood, if Canada was not here the USA would not be what it is, Vietnam canada had over 20 000 men working with Us force's. ho and dont send me the Navy Sceal crap if you did not know the Canadien J force's are the best in the world.

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fact is australia actually fought alongside canada

in most places anyways

expecially in the korean war

not sure about the vietnam war though

but we did also in ww1 and ww2

since where both apart of the commonwealth and all

only time america and canada fought side by side was in france.

america invaded normandy and canada invaded caen

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so did australia

as an aussie i love canadians

and americans can get ******

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