This is my ninth custom story to Amnesia. Please try my previous ones from my mod - category. Give me feedback and say what parts and things you liked and disliked! :) And if you want to know more about my works, follow me on twitter or like my page on Facebook!

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This is a high-quality custom story! Very well done :)

Excelent, really scary, the ambience, the music, no jumpscares, good puzzles (not too hard), amazing map desing. For me this mod is better than the original Amnesia ;)

This guy has made one of the coolest, best designed mod i've played on ModDB for Amnesia!
Damn, this guy has done an amazing job!
10\10 for me Matiasika!
The only thing what bother me ini mini is a little of the voiceacting was out of place. Chris said something else then was written in the subtitles.
AND the endign was very check to me ( knife kill = end ;) couldv been a lot better or at least a little longer with a small view in the past\future or some like that. )
But, that didnt bother me, just saying!
i almost never give a 10.
But Matias* , you deserve it!

Very well done!!!

Unique storyline, over all entertaining. Just the right amount of monsters ;).
I'm looking forward to a part 3 if there be one in the future. Great job and thanks for posting.


Althought this mod tries to be a secuel, the reality its that its a complet new mod. Only have the same basic idea of spooky manor and some character mentioned in the notes from the first.
But in gameplay, this is an amnesia experience. Really different to the first one, it was just an excersice in exploration.

Here we have a decent good voice acting.
Story progress and different maps.
Interesting ideas and scares.

I can't say for sure if it is and improvement or a retroces compared to the first.

its a six, because of the replayability, because its a regular Amnesia experience and it have its moments.

But for certain, this custom story doesn't have anything new.
We can tell even, that the plot have some similarities with the vanilla game
Pretty simple mod
Its just a good ''casual'' custom story, one that shows that the original resources can be used with good results.
But nothing more...

Great story , very well-crafted scenarios, but the scares left to be desired , it may be because I was anesthetized with amnesia . The story is told in an objective manner with several points of liagação , that held me in mod now only expect a continuation or an endpoint , keep it up !!

Holy cow, where do I begin? Herman's Revenge features lots of great gameplay from relentless enemy encounters to skillfully made puzzles. The story is good and even has legitimately sad moments. I didn't even like the original Call From Another Dimension that much, but this mod is one of the best in the Amnesia library.

Even better than the first one!

Every element that the first one had was just as good or better in the second part, especially the addition of voice acting, the longer gameplay, a second ending and an even more intriguing story

Really liked this mod and this series and I think more people should notice the two mods of this series because they were both really good and i hope for a third part

Personally I though this was a great custom story. I thought the story was good, had some nice scares and overall was fun to play. Thank you, MatiaSika, I hope you make more custom stories.

Oikein hyvä customi.
Nautittavaa pelattavaa kuten ensimmäinen osa :)

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