(DO NOT VIEW ON DESURA. USE MODDB) The Attic is an Amnesia custom story.

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5 KrustiClawn

Nov 14th, 2013 2 people agree 1 person doesn't


- Creativity
- Some events and effects no one else have used
- A story line


- 95% of all the scares are jumpscares
- The further you get in the story, the more confusing it gets
- It has a good story line, but there's not much story while playing
- No music and few effects
- Easy and rushed ending


It started pretty great but just went downhill from start to finish. Chapter one was decently good while chapter two was so full of jumpscares and lacked story so it was hard for me to find motivation to keep moving.

I don't know why this is so highly rated. Truth to be told, it's not that good. This is one of those stories when the authors made a great story line but lost all motivation for it and turned it into a jumpscare feast with repeditive maps and events. I expected much more from one of the most popular and highly rated stories we have for Amnesia.

5/10 - Average

Stuntovic says
5 Stuntovic

Apr 19th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Allright.. The all famed Attic custom story!
You guys should have kept it at part 1, cuz my god you screwed up.. Especially chapter 2 sucked balls..
I would like to review as a whole but chapter 2 is so ugly bad that it drags the story to the ground.
Cpt1: Decent story, nice level design, good build up and tension. Enjoyed it till the last part. It just didn't make that much sense anymore.
Cpt2: What were you thinking? O, cpt1 was a succes let's make a second chapter in jiffy people will like it anyway. Ok here we go. Level design utterly simple, boring and no atmosphere. The village is terrible, there are invisible walls everywhere and from here on it's just; Find a key open the next door etc. Spawn monster when key is optained and run like hell. Besides the stupid cheap (12 year old) jumpscares, the mod is uninteresting as ****. No good story followup, no puzzles, no tension.
Cpt3. It was ok, not my cup of tea anymore and I just wanted to get the story over with. It was much better than 2 but clearly not as good as 1. Over all, I did not enjoy this custom story as much as I hoped.
Cpt1: 7
Cpt2: 3
Cpt3: 6

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