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The Artificer's Hand is a mod aimed at expanding the Dwemeri experience. Included will devices the player will have to construct including constructs themselves, real-time airships and hopefully factional mechanics. This summary will be expanded in the near future.

Hi guys, I'm sorry to announce that I will be delaying the release due to work and IRL commitments.

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I would like to say it will be released within the next 6 months but it depends on how long my commercial project takes.

The good news is that I took a break and did some work on the factional mechanics on the weekend and sorted out some details for the process of artifecture/artificing/artifezza(?) or whatever the correct term is.

I have finished 99% of the broad phase in world building and am up to the medium-detailed phase: the large details, adding traps, adding mechanical devices, adding enemies. This is easier than the broad phase as its more about putting things is already designed places rather than creating something from scratch which is time-consuming.

I do design in 3 stages -
i) Broad: all of the interior and exterior set pieces are put in place. The overall look of the environment is set here.

ii) Medium: here I add all of the large details that the player would notice on their own physical level like traps, doors, NPCs etc.

iii) Small: this is where all the clutter and finishing touches are added. Finicky but it adds a large amount of character. My theory is that the brain takes all these details in unconciously and outputs a feeling to the player as there is too much detail to process conciously.

I'm going to try and get a demo out so you guys will have something to play around with whilst I'm putting the quests in etc. Its all so integrated, though. Any suggestions? Maybe th mines or grenades would be ok to separate. I've got to put arc trajectories on the grenades though and taht requires MGE.


Man, I've been tracking this mod since the beginning.
I am a patient man, I think I may be able to stomach the news.

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iio Author

Ha ha thanks. I think you're avatar is the best representation of how I feel about this delay.

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i know but i think soon his face will start putting blood on the wall.... lol o well yea no problem man real life does come first and those that say otherwise...... yea i wont go there. we all love your detail and dedication to your work and sharing it with the major community.

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