There have been many Mafia mods made and many are currently in production but I’m sure that after you read my description of the Alive mod you will agree it is the only one of its kind. The Alive mod is filled with new wonderful and exciting things to do in a game of Freeride City - Day, Countryside - Day, City - Night and Countryside - Night. There is also a new Port Mission that can be accessed from Freeride City-Day. The reason I have named my mod the “alive” mod is because it changes it’s behaviour and players cannot predict what will happen next? Some examples: How will you defeat your many cunning enemies this time? Where is the Lostheaven terrorist hiding? How many charges do the super weapons have? How much money will you make using them? Where will the gangs attack from this time? When will the Flying Car stop flying? The intention of this is to keep players entertained so that they do not get bored in a hurry.

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Alive Mod Evolution v.18

Alive Mod Evolution v.18

Aug 21, 2010 Full Version (17.89mb) 4 comments

Alive Mod Evolution v.18 (one file in RAR format) - author name - MikeMouse - The Alive mod

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Released Dec 2004
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