It's a sad thing, the death of a loved one. On the evening of his mother's passing, a courier delivered a letter to Damion. It was his inheritance. As he read the letter, he was shocked to find that he had inherited his great grandfather's estate. An entire prussian castle, far out in the country. He struggled to understand why his mother had chosen for him..., which struggled through life when THEY were entitled to an entire castle. He suspended the thought.

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Very immersive. This mod really makes the random jumpscares and things that would normally be frowned upon in amnesia make sense and become an integral part of the story. It was good in length (just over 2 hours) and had a solid story line to go with the insane feel of the story there were also several very nice levels in this cs

really enjoyed playing this and i hope part 2 comes out

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Jan 12th, 2015

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