It's a sad thing, the death of a loved one. On the evening of his mother's passing, a courier delivered a letter to Damion. It was his inheritance. As he read the letter, he was shocked to find that he had inherited his great grandfather's estate. An entire prussian castle, far out in the country. He struggled to understand why his mother had chosen for him..., which struggled through life when THEY were entitled to an entire castle. He suspended the thought.

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Yeah finished it, I must say I enjoyed this in some parts, but there are many flaws.

What becomes to atmosphere I like how it starts, but lacks atmosphere really quickly and you don't have boxlight in every map and you must always use that because if you don't it's pitch black in many corners and places, it's annoying. Not good.

Scares yeah couple nice, but too many "jumpy fest scares too" and so oveused ones too. Nice try anyway.

Mapping is good nothing really fancy, but it's fairly done some rooms are little empty and less detailed and someone are really gorgeous ones only few what I explored. I know it's a nightmare, but order to go places doesn't make sense always.

Billboards and particle effects are very good in this I must say. You really put effort on them many billboard looked really good and i was satisfied. Nice!

Story yeah pretty basic, but not bad maybe little more work with the storytelling because there is not much story to tell.

Puzzles are good, but way too many crowbar scripts someones are new to me, but some puzzles gets a little old and it's missing originality too and imagination. Key hunting repeating that's a fail. In next story use more time to create and spending time to make something super awesome.

Overall I give you 6 out of 10 because it lacks in some places and some moments are pretty unpredictable.

Story: 5/10
Billboards and effects: 8/10
Puzzles: 6/10
Scares: 6/10
Mapping: 7/10

I'm not judging only just giving hints too. Anyways I enjoyed it, not rushed one.


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