It's a sad thing, the death of a loved one. On the evening of his mother's passing, a courier delivered a letter to Damion. It was his inheritance. As he read the letter, he was shocked to find that he had inherited his great grandfather's estate. An entire prussian castle, far out in the country. He struggled to understand why his mother had chosen for him..., which struggled through life when THEY were entitled to an entire castle. He suspended the thought.

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Really really awesome Custom Story! Can't wait the next one... :D

This was surprising, in that the detail of the environments are top notch, and its really long. It however has a rudimentary grasp of horror with alot of false scares and jump scares. The mod in particular has to many poofers. What I hate is how the poofers are misleading and how cheap their scares usually are, what I mean is they can bash down doors but as soon as they get close they disappear... I mean seriously decide already, are they physical or imaginary? because I know the doors are real I touched them.
If your going to have so many poofers than just make all the monsters imaginary or find a balance. The areas you see are just so nice though, the puzzles not to hard make it worth while venture. As his first mod its very impressive (the horrid grammar aside) its a good mod.

total F***ing amazing 10/10
For a 1st custom story

Muy buena custom, me encanto


sarahholmwood says

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a 10!!! I haven't finish it, I'm near the end I think, but, awesome custom... The chasing, seriously, It's the first time ever I was so scared I was shaking x.x I love/hate the suitors lol

This is the greatest mod I've ever played. God bless you, man. We should recommend this to PewDiePie!

A fairly good custom story.

The monster encounters were a bit crappy, suddenly spawning a monster right infront of you isn't very productive to the atmosphere or to the gameplay either. You should add Amnesia-like monster encounters, where you hear them spawn somewhere in your vicinity, then the player will likely be more nervous.

Puzzles were rather original, not entirely, but I liked the style.

You also managed to make the dungeon levels a bit more interesting looking with your special effects, that was a nice touch.

The length of it all is also a plus, I personally didn't expect it to last so long.

The subtle PewDiePie references didn't really bother me, since you didn't exactly throw them straight at the player's face, which is a good thing.

The story was, however, lacking seriously. I didn't find any notes, see any flashbacks or hear any dialogue. I didn't have any idea what I was there for, and what had happened.

Also, I suggest lowering the amount of messages you give to the player, especially when you put a lot of "RUN!"s in there. Those can be an atmosphere breaker. Just direct the messages as if it was the character thinking, more.

All in all, like I said, a fairly good custom story. 8/10, and if you're planning on making future custom stories, take note of the faults of this one and correct them.


This is 1 of my 1st recordings, and i enjoyed every bit of it!
amazing good story, which keeps you interested through out the whole game.

Srry for waiting so long with rating.


Liked it :)
Some puzzles were a bit too hard, like finding that stupid button in the sanctum.
Anyway, mapping is preety good (but the hall looks like edited original Amnesia rainy hall :P), enjoyed scary moments, chasings and the atmosphere.

This was awesome :D

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