"THAT" is a single player source mod that runs on the 2007 SDK engine. It is more of an art installation than it is an actual game, it is my also one of my personal endeavors to push the "games as art" movement which I strongly believe in. The game features abstract surreal scenery and doesn't really contain an objective, it is more of a game to relax to and explore. The game is set in a grid of 9 maps, starting in the center (5th map). You can travel between the maps at your own leisure. I hope you enjoy it and that it encourages game designers to think outside the box when it comes to creating games.

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I liked the map with hurricane clouds

Didnt really know what i was getting into when i downloaded it but im glad that i tried it, seriously its great and confusing all at the same time

There isn't a story, or even a purpose, it can be argued.
So why would this deserve a 10?
Solely for the journey it takes you on.
Solely for the awe-inspiring landscape and emotional impact it has.
Do this game justice and explore the maps as much as you can.
The game is only about an hour long, if that much, so you'll be tempted to not waste an hour on it.
Do it.
Do it, and do it now.
Don't ask any questions, don't demand a reason, don't codemn this game for offering no incentive to collect all of those damn cubes.
Just do it. Create your own stories, embark on your own adventure, entertain the theories of exploration, renewal, birth, death, the apocalypse, the rapture, the redemption, a journey of self discovery, heaven, hell, do any or all of these, and think of more.
This is an example of what I call a virtual painting. It is designed to make you think, but also to amaze and fascinate you.
If you do not enjoy these artsy-fartsy games, then stroll right on past, there are many other great mods out there that don't require a cerebral mind. I would suggest No More Room In Hell or Garry's Mod.
But if you enjoy a game that trancends the traditional conventions of what it means to be interactive media, then by all means play this. I cannot recommend it enough.
Perhaps I am letting my Dionysian side take over, but any game that compels me emotionally this much without talking to me directly or guiding me where to go is something to behold.
Play it. Play it slowly, and play it now.

Easy and fun game.
Scared me somtimes but the graphics are so happy that it will always get me up :D

it's very interesting, but i don't enjoy the fact that it doesn't have any kind of guidance or objective.
scenarios were very good, but it might need a bit of development in level design, most of the "cubes" were very easy to spot and even easier to catch...
give it a try, you probably will not love it, but i assure you you will not regret it.

I'm rating 7 rather than 10 because a lot of what made this great was Philip Glass's music, which I'm rather concerned is being distributed here in a copyright-infringing manner. I don't want desura to get into trouble.


legotheanimated says

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As I traveled deeper into this artist's world, I wondered what exactly each area meant. Did the bleak, black and grey city represent humanity's current state, with only splashes of beauty and color within? Did the ominous firey world residing next to the city represent where we're headed?

I don't freakin' know.
Great mod, Anyway. Definetly worth my time.

Nice Mod, had fun wondering around and collecting the hidden blocks.


Played in 2011, but forgot to rate it. Amazing :D

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