Terrain 5 Extended WARNING! You will have two versions of the addon Terrain 5 Extended (for normal Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots 2003) Terrain 5 Extended Edition (version for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots 2014) ВНИМАНИЕ! Будет создано две версии аддона Terrain 5 Extended ( для обычного Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots 2003 года) Y.N.K. 5( для версии Rise of Nations: Extended edinion 2014 года) Hello! Friends I start Addon's final release Terrain Ekstented For 4 years I tried to improve the remarkable game Rise of the nations. As a result you saw works of only the last 2 years. Certainly I and itself didn't know that at me will turn out, but didn't stop on the reached. In option екстентед I managed to achieve tremendous results. So that is planned: 1 . To create new textures 2 . To make dynamic lighting rivers oceans buildings it (is finished) it (is stopped) transforming units Mountains remain without changes.

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new river
faster for
and the depth

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Sep 22nd, 2013