Take on the role of an operative in the Hex Gen network, a decentralized movement of hacktivists resisting the economic pillaging conducted by the unholy alliances of Big Tech, Big Military, and Big Finance. Think "The Windup Girl" meets "Neuromancer". Features: -Facial, vocal biometric capture devices -"Nohface" electronic face projector for thwarting surveillance/drones which cover almost every inch of city -Wireless internet -Darknets - all web activity is fully surveilled, you need stealth not only in meatspace but in cyberspace -More types of hacking - cryptography, DDoS, spoofing -Hunger: experience real economic destitution as you slowly die of starvation and are forced to beg, steal, or even kill for a piece of bread. -DIY: Upgrade your hemp trenchcoat with solar trim, syphon electricity from the private power grid, take apart old phones and radios to hack together an EMP gun, set up a hydroponic garden in your squatted flat so you don't have to kill for every meal.

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Silver Spook
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Orange_Tomato Feb 17 2013 says:

Infrared cloak, eh? Nice stuff!

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Kyle_K_ski Feb 17 2013 says:

Every time you post something new, I HAVE TO check it out!


GREAT stuff. Everything that you're describing in this "futuristic" mod is happening RIGHT NOW. It's wonderful how you're taking what the corporations/media/government allows us to see, and then extrapolate it to its natural ends.

Pretty terrifying stuff.

Are you planning on making references to the 2 billion + rounds that were recently purchased by our "loving" government?

Your emphasis on the drones is spot on. They will definitely be used against us, and as soon as they develop AI that's not too "messy," they'll have those independent robots fighting our illegal invasions of foreign lands for their resources/slave labor, and then use them to mow down the rebellious citizenry there and here.

The good side to these independent robots is that we won't have to pay for any of their psychiatry bills due to PTSD.

Yeah, we're on quite a ride right now...

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SilverSpook Author
SilverSpook Feb 17 2013 replied:

Thanks. Yeah I think that analysis is pretty much right on. Drones, and robot/AI in general are pretty much the biggest black swan/game changer coming to smack us over the head as a species, in my opinion. In pretty much every direction at once -- from the way we conduct war to the way we conduct economy to the way we relate (or fail to relate) to our fellow human beings.

It's not just "apocalypse, zombies and tribal bands, rebuild civilization", but endless shambling from crisis to bailout to stopgap to impasse to crisis endlessly. Eternal austerity as alienated power struggles to maintain its existence through increasingly alienating, brutal, technological means. Mordor never fully collapses, it just puts out fake positive GDP numbers to Middle Earth, prints a trillion Shirebucks, puts out new episodes of Jerry Springer to distract, and rewrites Middle Earth's financial legislation to allow it to continue plundering. But simultaneously, there is a contradicting force of frustration, focused rage, a yearning for justice and a drive for creativity in the populist movements, the open-source awakenings, activism and hacktivism, resilient intentional communities, re-entering respect for nature, and the wealthy who can't ignore the plight of their victims any longer. Rather than an abrupt collapse, it's these colliding tectonic plates of human culture with the seizmic technological shifts as catalyst, two Titanics crashing into one another in slow motion as shreds of social fabric and the steel girding of economic systems, and physical human flesh and blood tear away from the hull before our very eyes.

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SilverSpook Author
SilverSpook Feb 17 2013 replied:

That's kind of the zeitgeist of Terminus Machina in a nutshell -- the turbulent, prolonged, excruciating breaking of the machine.

I've always been a fan of speculative fiction. When it's done right it's the stuff that really draws you in and can set your brain on fire thinking about what's going on in the world. There's not really any other genre that can pull that off.

(Also, my bad for writing novels here, your comments just got me thinking out loud)

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WookieLast Feb 21 2013 replied:

Hey, if you can convey all of that in your mod, your on to a winner!

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Introducing the silverized trench coat, aka "The Anti-Drone Cloak". Another DIY augmentation the player can create that renders you invisible to Predator drones. Security, style, plus the .999 fine silver threaded throughout works as currency in a hyperinflationary pinch!

While aluminum 'tin foil hats' have gathered a patina of infamy in the countercultural community, serious renegades, activists, and citizens concerned about winding up on the US President's 'Drone Kill List', looking to evade the all-seeing, all-murdering eye of the surveillance state opt for the argent metal. Silver is proven to have the highest infrared reflectance over an extended wavelength range of any known material, making the wearer invisible to airborne drones.

(Also notice the added Calorie bar next to the health UI. Your calories slowly drain till you find food, and biohacks such as Bioluminescence and Quadruped will use calories to function as well.)

Feb 16th, 2013
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