v1.10 - Main features
- New Monsters and monster mechanics ... :)
- Monsters that fought for you now fight against you, Blood Golems, Iron Golems and Fire Golems
including Unique and Champion levels of all enemy golems ... some modifiers make-em real tough.
- New enemy NPC that summons Golems, Blood Summoner summons Blood Golems, Evil Sorceress summons
Multiple Iron Golems and Dark Assassin summons Fire Golems. I bet Blizzard didn't realise this
could be done on mods without code hacking ... ;)
- All unsummoned golems have hi % to drop set items and rares (95-100%)
- All Golem summoners have hi % to drop and rares (95-100%)
- Golems and golem summoners are tough and available in Act1, Caves 4 and 5, and also thruout Act3 and Act4
... be prepared ... :)
- Created Nikita the Dark Assassin as the Crypt Boss ... have been wanting to do this since my 1st mod ... :)
- Toned down Hell level Mons HP to provide more fun and tradeoff for new Golems and summoners.
- NPC that fought for you now fight against you, Rogue, Guard and Red Coats(Iron Wolf).
- Hireables stats are somewhat changed/strengthened due to this.
- You get to fight almost all the monsters with completed gfx that were left out by Blizzard for some
- Almost all Unique items provide better armor and damage than most exceptional rares. This make it worthwhile
to get uniques ... afterall, uniques should be a lot better than rares. ie. Silks of Victor = 900+ armor rating
- Lots more champion and unique level monsters now ... to provide more challenge and fun.
- More areas with hi percentage of exceptional rares from stash.
- Lots of other changes and still no newbification and item morphing ... :)

v1.01 -
- More Monsters including more Uniques and Champion Monsters everywhere.
- Cow Level can be access thru Waypoint and infinitely (This has been done by Fusman on the Arsenal Mod)
- Every Act (Including Act 4) can have all 3 hireables.
- Better items from All monsters and stashes. (Hell level has lots)
- A lot of areas increase in size.
- Can't remember right now ... :)

Crypt and Mausoleum in Burial Grounds:
- Crypt and Mausoleum in Burial Grounds now has huge area.
- More than 20 monster types can appear in each of these areas now.
- Uniques of special monsters that is not possible on Diablo 2.
- Almost all items retrieved from Barrels, Weapon/armor stand, Graves etc are Rare
including Exceptional Rares possible
- Uniques and champion level for unique monsters possible.
- Frequency of monsters types and uniques has been increased.
- Some other changes.

- NO changes to anything that causes items morphing or chars to become newbie again
- You can use your existing chars on this mod + on D2Xpansion when it's out
- More changes will be added in that will not affect the chars files/item morphs so that
you can use your existing chars with this MOD and also with the new D2Xpansion and also revert back.
- There is a lot of drawback on MOD making especially on items due to this but things will change
once the D2X is out.

None that I know of but Blizz did change the way items are obtained from stash on v1.04, so Crypt and
Mausoleum don't provided all rares from stash, but Armor and weapon stands still do.

Email: teknokyo@angelfire.com
Forum: Currently there isn't one, but you can use the same one as Ancestral Recall, just make sure to mark the thread with a Teknokyo title:

ARv1.08 : This mod is done as an Expansion to LOD and you can use any of your existing characters/items on AR. This mod has been tested with a legit char from Lvl 1 to Lvl 96 without a single crash on gameplay/all areas.
Please post in the forum on areas that crashes AR, and it'll be taken care of since I don't want it to affect my playing and the ppl who plays AR, I don't believe in ppl can live with crash BS that most game developer seems to feel it's a norm. In the good old days, nothing crashes, it's meant to be that way.

ARv1.07-SE = Ancestral Recall - Skills Enhanced ... skills are changed from LOD with increase stash/inv/cube. Skills stats will be different when ported to and from LOD

ARv1.07-CS = Ancestral Recall - Classic Skill - skills are as per LOD, no stash/inv/cube increase. Skills stays the same when ported to and from LOD

DotD = Descendents of the Dragon - AR-SE skills - for the D2 Elites that completes AR-Hell ... gameplay is based/done for real playing skills instead of just hack/slash/fire-forget skills.

ARv1.07 Note: Use AR-SE if you want to experience all the new skills including playing the new monk-like kick Sorceress ... use AR-CS if you want to play with skills settings as per LOD. On both AR versions ... you can transfer back your char to LOD but be careful with items layout(only on AR-SE) in the cube, Items on the expanded portion of stash/cube/inv will be lost when your revert back to LOD.

Teknokyo 1.10

Teknokyo 1.10

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Lots more champion and unique level monster, new monsters a monster mechanics and monsters that where once on your side have turned against you (golems...

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Just got it installed and it is AWESOME. I got 5 uniques of the mini boss guy in the Den of Evil with 0% MF.

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