Team Fortress is a revolutionary class-based mod supporting from 2 to 4 teams in various gameplay modes of capture the flag, capture and hold, and hunted. I will try to fill this profile with as much OFFICIAL TF (no variants/mods) files I can fill.

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What else is there to say. It was 1997 and I met a buddy in highschool who introduced me to this game. The rest is history. Never before had I encountered a first person shooter game with class based team play. You were always fearful of crossing the bridge in 2fort5 because of elite snipers.

As a spy you actually disguised as an enemy and could feign death. Enemies would hide in the shadows and wait for ambush. Grenades galore where available for each class. This is one of the best mods ever created for any platform.

One can only hope it is resurrected in the future.

best quake 1 mod

im addicted to teamfortress

Really just a perfect mod

Original Team Fortress. Where it all started. Awesome.

This is a MOD that will never get old, no matter how many years old it is! Brings out the best of my childhood. So glad it's still downloadable!

you want Team Fortress? [this] is Team Fortress. beware of cheap imitations.

Better than tf2

classic game i loved it as a child so many hours playing :D

What a great mod. This is possibly the best mod for Quake ever, and i wish that i could find mapmaking tools for it. I have found it very fun every time i play it, but nobody seems to even know what it is anymore. A wonderful mod all around, with fairly balanced gameplay, and lots of gib to boot.

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