Galactopticon is a single-player sci-fi comedy FPS starring a gang of hard-boiled interstellar pirates. The epic storyline will be supported by gameplay elements such as ironsight aiming and an RPG-style branching dialogue system.

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How to spawn enemies and weapons in The Tales from Galactopticon.

Posted by on - Basic Starting a mod

It's easy, just open steam and right click on Tales from Galactopticon.

  1. Select "Properties".
  2. Select "Set launch options..."
  3. Enter "-console" (without the quotes)
  4. Now open the game
  5. See the console? Great. Now enter:
  • bind b "npc_create_equipment weapon_scorpion; npc_create npc_mook"
  • bind v "npc_create_equipment weapon_spaceglock; npc_create npc_mafia"
  • bind j "sv_cheats 1; give item_suit; impulse 101; sv_cheats 0"
  • bind h "sv_cheats 1; give item_healthkit; give item_healthvial; sv_cheats 0"
  • bind g givecurrentammo

Now whenever you press B or V ingame, you create an armed enemy. J gives you all weapons, G replenishes your ammo and H spawns health.

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