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The Taidan Republic Mod strives to implement three old races back into homeworld2; Taidan Republic, Taidan Empire, Turanic Raiders.

The Taidan Empire of the year 9510 GSY consisted of 150 star systems. These systems were completely under the control of the empire, although they were not all loyal to the Emperor. When Emperor Riesstiu IV was in his 4th century of life, many systems were waiting for a change to claim independence. This was not a surprising fact, since the Empire faced economical difficulties and relations with other galactic civilizations were almost non-existing. Taxes were heightened to support the growing Imperial Navy, which was increased because of Emperor Riesstiu IV’s paranoia. Under these circumstances the opposition against the Emperor grew. The breaching point was reached when the Emperor disbanded the Taidan Assembly of Lords, which began to question the wisdom of the Emperors wishes. Soon it became apparent that the Empire was at the brink of collapse. Under the growing taxes to support the Imperial navy, many outer-systems revolted against these taxes. The Emperors answer was brutal yet efficient, entire systems were submitted to the will of the Emperor by means of force. The end of the Empire came at the hands of the Hiigarans (exiles). When a unknown vessels of mothership dimensions breached the Taidani borders and that ship marked the end of the Empire. The Emperors orders were to destroy this ancient enemy, who had returned. Strangely it was not the Hiigarans or the Imperial navy who initiated the end of the Empire, but the propaganda released by the Empire. The numerous propaganda- posters and pictures didn’t reinsure the Taidani people that their Emperor was all-seeing and all-powerful, instead it filled the Taidani with disgust and rage. The Taidan people were forced to watch their Imperial fleets committing genocide against a unknown race of 300 million aliens, who had committed no greater crime then to exit hyperspace in Taidani borders.
Soon many systems joined in a revolt against the Emperor and civil war followed. The rebels had seriously underestimated the Imperial navy in its capability to deal with a revolt. When the Emperor heard of the revolt in the outer systems, he was quick in ordering full martial law in all Imperial systems. While the initial groundswell of support was very strong, it wasn’t strong enough to deal with the Imperial Home Defense fleet. Soon the Rebels were pushed back on every front and planets sympathizing with the Rebels/Republicans were bombed from orbit and death rates went up to the millions. Soon it looked like the Emperor’s grip could not be thrown of. In the first five months of the revolt, the Republican fleet lost 65% of its fleet assets. The final blow was nearly struck at the battle of Vorshan’s Rift (Now also know as Death Trap Rift), where the gathered rebel Navy was ambushed and devastated due to a high level defector, who led the fleet into a trap. The Rebel fleet was in total disarray when the first bleeps of radar contact filled their long-range sensor screens, scouts where sent out to identify the ships but none returned and the Rebel fleet command soon realized it had run into a trap. The ranking surviving military member of the coup fled for his live and set a course to the only force successfully resisting the Empire. The Hiigarans gladly aided the Rebel officer and allowed him the chance to escape and to rebuilt his fleet. The Emperor received word that the Hiigarans were helping the rebels and immediately ordered a massive strike against the Hiigarans. The Emperor declared that he himself would take care of the “ancient enemy” and that he would return victoriously.
In his speech he declared: “No one questions the might of the Empire, no one stands before us without fear. For we alone have the power to cripple our enemies, even this mysterious old enemy will fall before me and beg me to spare them. I am the Emperor, I am superior, I am invincible and they shall know this soon.” The Emperor took command of the Taidani High Guard Fleet and set a course to Hiigara. In the final battle above Hiigara, the Emperors ship was under heavy attack and was eventually destroyed. The Taidan Empire was in total disarray when the news spread that the Hiigarans had killed their Emperor. The Taidani were equally shocked when the news reached them that the Republican navy had destroyed the Gene Bank, eradicating any successors to the throne. Soon battles between the Republic and Empire erupted all around Imperial space, but the Republic supported by the Hiigarans won this battle. Although overthrowing the Empire’s command, the Republic was still plagued by the old Imperial remnant fleet. The Republic was further plagued by a economical crisis and the defection of many planets that rather chose independence and tried to make it on their own. These defections rendered the Republic helpless and proved to be a great problem in the rehabilitation of the economy. The Republicans soon restored trade contacts with the Bentusi and signed a peace treaty with the Hiigarans in the year 9516 GSY. The Republicans soon called upon their Hiigaran allies to fund their restoration programs and leaned RU’s from their allies. The Republican fleet faced major difficulties in defending the Republic against the Imperial remnant fleet, military analyst soon pointed out that the Republican navy could not match the Imperial navy on a gun to gun basis. A large program was started to modernize the Republican fleet and started in the year 9547. While the fleet modernization plans were still at the drawing board, terror struck the Republic, the beast fleet attacked. There was no defense known to work against the beast and combat losses were heavy, soon the beast forces were inside Republican borders and Republican ships were ordered to scuttle whenever infected with the beast virus. But the tide turned as Kith Somtaaw devised a way to counter the Beast virus. When the mothership Kuun-Lan defeated the Beast threat once and for all, peace was once again restored in the inner systems. Republican High Command was quick to rule out the construction and modernization of a new and advanced fleet. This program’s goal was to completely modernize the Republican fleet and to replace outdated ships. This rehabilitation program took place in Vorshan’s Rift both for functional and symbolic reasons. In 9585 GSY, the new Republican navy reached the old Imperial navy peace time limit and the program was halted as the Taidani were once again a race to be reckoned with.

In recent months Imperial attacks have lessened and Republican High Command is worried by this and they have ordered the launch of the Republican Mothership “Shield of the Republic” to serve as a reinsurance for the Taidani people. Under load roars of the Taidani, the “Shield of the Republic” left the dock and jumped out for trials at Vorshan’s rift. High Command has doubled border patrols to make sure that a surprise attack from the Imperial will not succeed. The “Shield of the Republic” is still on trails at Vorshan’s rift and will soon be ready to support the Republican Navy. Our Hiigaran allies have warned us that a new race is threatening our combined borders and our fleets have engaged combat ready status to deal with any enemy ships approaching the Republic. This new race is known as Vaaygr. The Vaaygr are a nomadic warrior race and have enslaved thousands of systems under their rule. Their fleets known as Crusades are a hundred times bigger as our separated fleets. One of these major Crusades is closing in on Hiigara, probably to steal the Hiigaran Far Jump capability. The Taidan Republic is threatened by this Vaaygr Crusade and by the sudden reappearance of an Imperial Fleet, twice the size of an old Imperial fleet. The “Shield of the Republic” has received full combat upgrades and stands ready for you, High Admiral…

Do you take command to ensure the future of the republic?

The Single player campaign of this mod will focus on the flagship of the Republic; know as the "Shield of the Republic".
In the single player campaign you will face the Vaaygr Crusade and their Imperial allies that strive to overthrow the Republic. In Multiplayer/Player vs. CPU you can command you're fleet into combat against the: Hiigarans/Vaaygr/Taidan Republicans/Taidan Imperials/Turanic Raiders. All existing races will recieve some new ships and upgrades! As the main site is currently down for refurbishment, the link will take you to the thread concerning this mod on the relicnews forum and the thread covers all info about this mod.

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Well, this is the first news item for the Hiigaran Republic Mod

When I first started playing homeworld, it was because a friend of mine said it was a fun game and he was right, I was immediatly hooked. THe storyline and graphics were absolutly fabolous and grabbed my attetion. It was not long before cataclysm arrived and it was included into my collection, while it lacked somewhat in storyline, it was a fun game to play. Then after long waits, homeworld 2 arrived and I ran to the store to buy it. While the graphics aren't top notch and the storyline wasn't that great, it was still a fun game to play. After playing homeworld2, I decided to join the relicnews boards and the Modding section caught my attention. I skimmed through the mods that were created and I wanted to start a mod to. I always loved the designs of the Taiidani in homeworld and I felt it was a mistake to leave them out of homeworld 2. I started a thread in the Tanis shipyards to simply asked if it was possible and if people were interrested, I half expected to get flamed, because I didn't have any modding experience and still haven't. The first replies were positive and soon many joined the ranks of our mod team.

Enough of my sentimental jibberish, now for some concepts and models:

Hiigaran Loki Stealth Frigate
Hiigaran Vuhalan Dreadnaught
Hiigaran Lancelot Light Pulsar Frigate

if you want to see more concept art and models, please visit our forums at:

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Hidamari Mar 14 2006 says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they canceled it... or did i just read it wrong.... NOOOOOOOOOOO it looked pretty sick as well oh well

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hidamari Mar 14 2006 says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they canceled it... or did i just read it wrong.... NOOOOOOOOOOO it looked pretty sick as well oh well

+1 vote     reply to comment
Icarus_dk Feb 28 2006 says:

Too bad about the cancel. Anyone else interested in a petition to the author?

+1 vote     reply to comment
c1sn3 Jan 4 2006 says:

:(.........thats bad......this mod looks so great....thanks for the help RahXephon....

+1 vote     reply to comment
RahXephon Jan 3 2006 says:

C1sn3: never...its dead. Read their thread in relic forum .. last pages of that thread say everything. Sad, but its true ..

+1 vote     reply to comment
c1sn3 Dec 27 2005 says:

hey this mod looks very goooddd.........when is it coming????:confused:

+1 vote     reply to comment
craigalan Sep 6 2005 says:


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craigalan Mar 20 2005 says:


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Anmaril Jan 26 2005 says:

An alle hier, man sollte solch Projekte Unterstützen, das beste hw2 Projekt was ich kenne, die Designs passen richtig zum Spiel, die Ideen sind einfach nur Genial, doch scheint es so, dass diese nicht mehr zum Release kommen werden, sehr schade.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Silver_Wolf Dec 17 2004 says:

Guys this mod is dead check out relicnews fourms and see for urselfs,sad indeed but i found i silver lining:Dustwars:D

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