Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) is a total overhaul that completely redefines the Homeworld experience. TFS aims to transform Homeworld2 into a tactics-oriented combat simulator by enhancing the tactical aspect of the game through the inclusion of new content and revamping the entire pace of combat to simulate a more immersing and adrenaline-soaked experience. Recurring themes are quasi-modern (circa 20th century) air and naval doctrines modified for three-dimensional movement complete with a proper unit classification system. Grand strategy plays a significant role, but the emphasis is placed on battlefield adaptability simulated by a large amount of available assets - some of which have similar roles but are only applicable under specific circumstances. Combined arms is the name of the game - there are no individual "uber" units. Even the strongest ships will be taken down in short order if not managed correctly and utilized in conjunction with other assets.

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Nov 8th, 2011

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Oct 2nd, 2011

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Sep 29th, 2011

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