Zany Reaper (& Co.) presents to you the Tabletop Round-up modification for Dawn of War: Winter Assault 1.41

This mod was primarily designed to increase the damage values to more 'realistic' values for those people
(like myself) who can get easily bored with games because of the sheer amount of time it takes to complete

I've particularly improved the damage of many guns & most other miscellaneous ranged weapons, but as
Dawn of war has also weakened close combat weapons (though not as horribly as ranged weapons), I
have improved the majority of them too, some more than others.

However, as Orks are a Close-combat heavy army, they were affected by my changes considerably. Their pop
cap has now been doubled, the max slugga boyz in a squad is now 20, & shoota boyz & slugga boyz take
slightly less time to produce & re-inforce. Wartraks, Trukks & Killa Kanz have their HP reduced to
Table-top similarities, but are now cheaper & quicker to produce.

Monsterous things, such as the Avatar, have had little improvements to their damage values (apart from
Squiggoth shooty weapons) as they're already powerful. The bloodthirster however has been made tougher
& stronger, like in the Tabletop game, to match or even beat the Avatar.

This mod was made on knowledge I have from the rules of the tabletop miniature game (Warhammer 40 000),
so if you don't know much about the miniature game, then expect a few surprises!
If you're curious, I've also modified the damage-based special abilities & even the special attacks that
some units have access to, some vehicle death explosions have also been tweaked slightly.

--Mod Goals--

In the next few versions, the main additions & changes I wish to make are:

Get the mod to work with Dark Crusade;
Add a few more new units;
Balance the mod better.

New content in this mod:


Chaos & Khorne terminators;
improved codex stuff from Medes (thank you);
Khorne, Beserker & Nurgle Champions;
Chaos Land raider (Kjon)
Dreadnought (Kjon);
Khorne Bloodletters

Imperial Guard:

Closer-to-codex Hellhound & Chimera models, from Medes;
Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons teams (3 weapons);
Leman Russ Vanquisher, Exterminator & demolisher variants;
Griffon mortar tank;
Hydra AA tank;
Shadowsword titan destroyer;

Da Orks:

Medes' Slugga & shoota boyz + Nobz with original DOW weapons;
Battle Fortress;
Battle Wagon;
Big gunz battery;
Codex - Gargantuan squiggoth;
Grot gangz;
Grot tanks (DOWpro have the LUAs for these, apparently);
Boomy Box (building);
'Ard Boyz

The Enigmatic Eldar:

Portal of Vaul (building);
Scorpion Super-heavy grav tank;
Revised Vypers (added the other 3 weapon options);
Storm Guardians;
Dire Avengers;
Scatter laser & Starcannon heavy weapon platforms

The Space Marines:

Compiler's: Vindicator; Razorback; Land speeder variants; Dethwing turret & improved Rhino;
Medes' Closer-to-codex Assault Marines;
Land Raider Helios;
Venerable Dreadnought;
Land Speeder Tempest

The Necrons (old winter assault ones however):

Necron Lord;
Gauss Defence structure;
Heavy Destroyers.

For contact, please visit our forums here:

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A beta for the mod has just been released to our testers & a few select members of the public!

For those that know, the Tabletop Round-up mod is one that makes Dawn of War more like the Tabletop game, with a few other tweaks & functions.

This particular beta features the Warhound titan.

The changelog for the beta is as follows:

Warhound Titan (all weapon types available too) added to the new map “City Of Titanic tales (4).” It can be used when the central critical location is captured for a certain time. (Model & texture by Winterdyne, animations & the rest by myself, Map by Buster_wounds);
Another weapon overhaul: Close combat weapons have been adjusted to be more in accordance to tabletop (so that close combat squads are now a lot better than non-hitty ones);
Heavy support cap added to simulate the Heavy support category in the Tabletop Force Organisation charts. All races apart from Orks use it. This feature is experimental however, & isn’t fully functional. Certain units use this, such as basilisks & Leman Russ tanks;
Hydra AA tank added. There’s a limit of 2 on these due to the model’s high-poly count. This was originally Havoc’s model. Texture systems were changed slightly to avoid colour-bleed;
More adjustments made to fast-firing weapons, where rate of fire has been modded so that weaker infantry don’t die too quickly. Damage has been changes in proportion;
Flame weapons now have less of an impact on morale (including the inferno cannon), but are still just as powerful;
The Inferno cannon is weaker against heavy infantry & Bloodletters\Avatar\Bloodthirster;
Chaos Bikes added (thanks to GreenPhero). Many bugs though that will need fixing;
Land Speeder Tempest added to the Space Marines (original model by the adeptus aviatus team, textures & everything else is my part);
Griffon Mortar tank added to Imperial guard (original model & texture by the Cadian Inquisition, my animations);
Bloodletters & Khorne Terminators are now MUCH more useful, as the morale issues are fixed;
Bloodletters & Horrors now have ‘Invulnerable saves’ (automatic ability);
Revised Chaos terminators introduced, thanks to the C2C team;
Hit point doubling script added, many thanks to Incarnate added (More information on this after the change log);
Conscripts are now colourable (thanks to Carcharodon);
Support sentinel added (all my work) – Rocket pod & missile launcher options;
Necron Living metal armour introduced, which is more resistant to bright lances, melta weapons etc than typical vehicles;
Codex Vypers introduced for the missing weapons (starcannon, scatter laser & bright lance options now available);
Few other minor changes…

Thank you for reading.

Tabletop Round-up: Dark Crusade version 1.35

Tabletop Round-up: Dark Crusade version 1.35

Full Version 4 comments

A modification that aims to make Dawn of War: Dark Crusade more like tabletop, containing a vast selection of new units & features.

TTRU Modification V1.2 for WA

Other 10 comments

At last! The release of 1.2 of the Tabletop Round-up mod is here. It's a BIG download = 120MB of extended hell! Firstly, this mod is NOT for Dark...

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Zany_Reaper Creator

I don't want to add walls to the mod as I don't want things to be focussed on base-building.
Furthurmore, almost no-one would actually use them. Mines are far more useful than walls in the modification.

As you know, the ranges are being halved for version 1.3, but NOT being restored to the original DOW values. Remember that the range comparison is still present to match tabletop.

Anyways, thanks for comment.
I'm now working on getting the KS team-colourable.

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Argh i ment to say offensively and defensively weaker lol...sry for 3 posts

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I see ur toneing it down in version 3 cool.

Suggestions...yeah the space marines advanced buildings is abit weird lol with the invisible thing, also how about adding walls for some of the more..."offensively and defensively" sides wich was originally the orks.

Anywho this is sone awesone ****! i hope you keep it alive and keep adding stuff in the future :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The attack range is massive!? lol...why is it doubled? on some maps they can shoot so far it just goes over half the map and smashes me straight away =( is there no way to shorten it? even starting of on that map wich the bases are oposing each other, all the other team did was make some marines and shoot all the way across...very annoying, but apart from that the mod is awesome, just wish the attack range could be toned down back to normal

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Zany_Reaper Creator

I'll have to make the KS slightly team colourable, yes.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

i think im going to enjoy halved ranges, as it somewat made CC guys useless in the matches i had played. I just blew them away before they even got anywhere close to me :P cant wait for it zany, btw, is that custom stompa going to be team colourable?


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Zany_Reaper Creator

Many thanks for taking interest in your mod.

Unfortunately, this SCAR crash IS NOT an isolated incident.
I have only one suggestion - turn off the Hitpoints modifier. It causes unknown bugs in certain parts on the game. It upsets me to have the thing that would potentially rig in more support turn against the mod.

Also, I understand that you dislike the weapon ranges & damage values.
Now, seeing as the damage values are the whole point of the mod, those won't be changed.
However, the weapon ranges have now been halved for version 1.3.

I personally prefer the new halved weapon ranges. I'm still keeping the damage values though, but it's the ranges that made the mod less fun anyways.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I don't have much time so i will have to say the important stuff here:

I have noticed that all new units that require deep striking/summoning crash the game with a Fatal scar error- paused execution thing, i'm not sure why it is this way but it just is. First i tried Chaos Horned ones but my attention was elsewhere waiting for a nice shiny warhound to appear... Then the game crashed... i thought nothing more of it so i started anew, next was Khorne Terminators, i was waiting for them but i also JUST got the notice saying that renforcements were on the way (Titan)... Crashed again, thought it was the titan; started again, (just to check to see if it was the titan), this time i didn't go for the titan, and trained some chaos terminators... Crash, started again and didn't build anything that needed deep strike, got the warhound and no crashes.

The Imperial guards vanquisher tank also crashes the game for some unknown reason. playing oasis of Sharr

the space marine bolter turrets dropped from orbit is a deep strike unit so that crashes on me too

However you will be a happy chap to know that i have encountered no problems with the titan.

The ranges and damage factors could do with turning down a great deal; the Eldar scorpion super-heavy tank in particular is pretty over-powered, no wonder it's anti- titan!

The space marines have an advanced buildings palette which contains an advanced machine cult which looks and costs the same amount as a normal machine cult but has most of the cool new space marine vehicles and to the left of this advanced machine cult is an invisible icon which costs: nothing and it appears to be a thunderhawk, this is genuinely confusing since the only thing it is useful for is making the base look fuller.

The radio thing on the space marine bikers is an interesting move though once it starts it will not stop even if you switch it off until the battle ends but that's ok because it dosen't really bother me

other wise this mod is tastefully done with lots of add-ons designed to enhance the overall experience (i recall there being a mod devoted to titans for each of the sides of DAW but it was discontinued due to the nightmare of coding all of them and giving some transport space and others were nightmares when it came to weapons and movement etc so the titan is good work and bigga vareity in units and vehicles is handy i hate the imperial guard (primarily because during 1 session of TT i had my necrons and a monolith, 3 las cannons and a demolisher cannon did nothing against it until a Baneblade turned 1 of it's las cannons on it, blew it up, and the scalding thing is i spent most of my points to get the flipping thing into battle and it dosen't fire 1 shot!!) but i really like the hydra flak tank

Whoops! gotta run, thanks for hearing me out!

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i'm not clear on Chaos but i understand this much: Khorne Berzerkers need to be fast and NOT weighed down by bulky terminator armor
On the other hand: Great idea, the closer to the codex the better i say
although i have advanced to DA this mod and the Tyranid mod are good reason as any to go back and revisit those good times spent ordering troops around like some sort of dictator

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Zany_Reaper Creator

Ok, so I haven't said much for the moment.

However, I'm currently working on making the KS team colourable, & then making animations for the Destroyer Lord, Heavy Destroyer & destroyer units ressurectable.
After all, they're not that hard to take down, so they should be ressurectable to make'em more useful.

In particular, I'm gonna attempt to give the D-lord 'wraith ressurection.'
What I mean by this, is that it does it all on its own. It won't need any other squad members in it etc. It's completely independant.

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