Its not from me its from : Aubert Etienne Realy great high poly mod pack. More information you can read it on the official page. ************************************************* ***** Current version: Beta 1 Release date: 06/04/03 File Size: 3,75 MegaBytes This is the first beta version available... The mod is still under development, and all new AI meshes aren't remade yet... This Beta contains the following enhanced characters: - The Many Hybrid with Pipe - The Many Hybrid with Shotgun - The Many Hybrid with Grenades - The Midwife - The Cyborg Assassin - All Dead Crew Members of the Von Braun and the Rickenbacker - The Ghosts The others meshes will be available in a future release...

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Feb 14th, 2013

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Mar 12th, 2012

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Feb 25th, 2012

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Apr 10th, 2011

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Oct 12th, 2010

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Oct 7th, 2009

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Jul 22nd, 2009

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Nov 5th, 2008

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Jun 4th, 2008

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May 5th, 2008

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