Synergy is a Half-Life 2 co-opertive multiplayer modification. We have evolved from multiple mods (DC Co-op 2, Dev Co-op and Tim-Coop) to offer you the greatest co-op experience. This modification strives to give Half-Life players a true Half-Life 2 cooperative experience. The mod features our own levels and the ability to play the Half-Life 2, Episode One and Episode Two campaigns co-operatively. In addition, you can add more content by installing third-party mods, such as ROCK 24 and MINERVA: Metastasis, then playing them in Synergy!

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Quick Update Again

9 years ago News 0 comments

Take a look at: I know we missed the previous media release, so we'll bring you a new and better one. Usually I would take the time now to explain...

Synergy Updates and Whatnot

9 years ago News 8 comments

Hello everyone! First off, please welcome 'Dinky' and 'Nickelrodent' to the Team! Dinky will be doing the new weapon models and Nick...

Synergy Beta 2 - Updates for Summer!

9 years ago News 2 comments

We've got a whole bunch of new features and content for you all. One such thing, is the way we (the players) hold our weapons in Coop games: think...

Big Updates

9 years ago News 0 comments

Many many updates since the last time... Go to the main page and read!

Tim-Coop team Joins Synergy

10 years ago News 0 comments

Synergy is growing... and fast! Synergy has merged once again; this time, Tim Co-op has joined Synergy. With additional people on the Development Team...

Evolution... and Gamemodes

Evolution... and Gamemodes

10 years ago News 2 comments

We just wish to give you a small update what's going on within the mod, so you got something to look forward to until the next update of Synergy...

Synergy Mod Release

10 years ago News 3 comments

Synergy Mod Release version 1.0 Beta (The actual date and time of the release is: September 29, 2005 at 11:59 PM EST.) Synergy is a Half-Life 2 co-operative...


10 years ago News 0 comments

I've got fantastic news! Synergy will be released on September 30th! Everyone has been working very hard to get ready for the September 30th release...

Irc Channel

10 years ago News 0 comments

We are some-what nearing release. Show your support by joining our irc channel. Join our irc channel #synergy-mod at Here you can meet other...

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