Synergies is a end game raid expansion and balance mod for Torchlight 2 that won EDITORS CHOICE BEST OVERHAUL: 2013 in the MOTY AWARDS!

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The new necromancer class is extremely overpowered. I am currently blasting through the elite difficulty with the necromancer and it seriously feels the exact same as playing on casual difficulty with any of the game's default classes. Even without the summoned minions, the necromancer is the best DPS class in the game. Couple that with the necromancer's ability to trap enemies in a cage indefinitely, the minions you can summon and the very small amount of mana required for most offensive spells, and you have yourself a God-like class.

I also don't like how the necromancer relies mostly on its skills for DPS, rather than its minions. It feels more like a dark mage than a necromancer. The minions you can summon as a necromancer feel like nothing more than weak little decoy targets for the enemies to kill, and their only real purpose is to distract enemies briefly before they come after you. They do very little damage and die very quickly, so the necromancer relies mostly on the offensive skills for DPS. The minions quickly begin to feel like a complete waste of time and mana to keep summoning every time the get killed.

I also dock a point for no proper explanation of the mod's new content. I'm getting things new items like darkstone gems, which say they can be transmuted for crafting materials, but when I try to transmute them nothing happens. Things like this are not explained anywhere, so I have no idea what these new items do or how to use them.


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