Synergies is a end game raid expansion and balance mod for Torchlight 2 that won EDITORS CHOICE BEST OVERHAUL: 2013 in the MOTY AWARDS!

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Great mod for endgame and for leveling. I installed it the same time I installed TL2! Salan has created a real gem and a wonderful growing community!

I always felt that the game was a tad too easy. Maybe easy isn't the best word, as at times it can get excruciatingly difficult. I could fight through hordes by holding the right mouse button and spamming potions endlessly, or get destroyed in a single hit by a boss that is roughly my level.

But I did thoroughly enjoy Torchlight as a "portable" dungeon crawler. Being a guy who's almost never at home for most of the time, solo play amidst titles like Path of Exile and Diablo 3 were a Godsend. So after beating the game twice, I decided to get a little bit more content via Runic's generous decision to enable modding.

Synergy not only added a ton of new content, many of which I have yet yet yet to experience, but I can say without a doubt that the best change is hands down the battle system, which has dramatically changed the stats values to ensure that, while you're still absolutely smiting massive hordes of enemies, you're always on your toes, every battle, no matter how small. Enemies took way more hits to be brought down, but simultaneously, it took way more hits to bring you down, too. It makes it far more fair when taking on a single enemy, but that is quickly rebalanced to make the game challenging by providing much, much larger hordes which absolutely fill the screen and attack you relentlessly. To those who found Torchlight difficult, or just right, this mod may be hell itself, but to those who wanted a more traditional ARPG challenge, it's heaven. Highly recommended for the latter.

This mod not only adds things to an already excellent game, it takes the game we love and fills it full of more stuff to get addicted to.

A top notch modpack for a top notch game.

This mod seemed to stir a lot of interest in the forums and on Steam, so I decided to give it a try, and to my amazement, this mod is quite excellent!

I gladly enjoyed the new color codes available for drops. I did not discover all of the weapons yet (as I was trying out the new Necromancer class, so throwing knives/axes, new guns and such were out of my interest for the moment), but throwing knives/axes are awesome !

Two details that would bug me the most for now ... :

the Necromancer's ability to be good at absolutely EVERYTHING except the use of long range weapons (then again, wands). It is not far from being a balanced character, but by not having significant weaknesses except it's frail stature which bone armor takes care of, it does put every other class in the shadows since they don't really have any strength over the Necromancer.

The second thing is the CROWDING! Even with the low population mod, there is some parts where the crowding is overwhelming. While I would usually be at the desert by a certain time of gameplay, with this mod, I'm just beginning the second part of the first act. I think the vanilla version of Torchlight II is borderline acceptable when it comes to the monsters count. It's not a big deal in normal difficulty, but quickly becomes one on hard and very hard. It would be nice if the monster count was the same as vanilla :).

This mod fixed itself quite a goal! more than 20 classes? I remember the first torchlight mods having maybe 10 new classes that were worth mentionning before the class ideas were all dried out... there were many more classes, but they were just a mix and match pile of skills of other classes, which was not any worth mentionning.

Keep it up! I'm glad Torchlight II finally sees it's share of moddings :).

Great mod, it really adds a lot of content while still sticking to the game's original design. I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to add to their Torchlight 2 experience. To be honest, I didn't enjoy Torchlight 2 as much as I thought I would, and this mod has made it much more enjoyable and playable for me.

The new necromancer class is extremely overpowered. I am currently blasting through the elite difficulty with the necromancer and it seriously feels the exact same as playing on casual difficulty with any of the game's default classes. Even without the summoned minions, the necromancer is the best DPS class in the game. Couple that with the necromancer's ability to trap enemies in a cage indefinitely, the minions you can summon and the very small amount of mana required for most offensive spells, and you have yourself a God-like class.

I also don't like how the necromancer relies mostly on its skills for DPS, rather than its minions. It feels more like a dark mage than a necromancer. The minions you can summon as a necromancer feel like nothing more than weak little decoy targets for the enemies to kill, and their only real purpose is to distract enemies briefly before they come after you. They do very little damage and die very quickly, so the necromancer relies mostly on the offensive skills for DPS. The minions quickly begin to feel like a complete waste of time and mana to keep summoning every time the get killed.

I also dock a point for no proper explanation of the mod's new content. I'm getting things new items like darkstone gems, which say they can be transmuted for crafting materials, but when I try to transmute them nothing happens. Things like this are not explained anywhere, so I have no idea what these new items do or how to use them.

Constant updates, huge additions to the vanilla game, both on quality and cuantity. (new maps, mobs, playable classes...) its a total conversion that simply takes the game to a whole new level and concept.

Its also well-balanced, not an "overpowering" mod.

The work put on it is impressive, it totally changes the game to something new BUT at same time it keeps the essence of the vanilla game.

Its simply the biggest, "polish-est" and funniest mod for synergies atm.
Probably the only full conversion made till now.

And, as said, a full conversion that still is able to keep the essence of the vanilla game.


This mod is incredible. I've lost interest in Torchlight 2 due to performance issues and such, but out of curiosity decided to try it again with Synergies.

After couple of hours of playing I'm amazed. There is so much stuff added and/or improved, for example inventory is ten times bigger. For some reason low FPS didn't bother me anymore. Two thumbs way up!

This mod is cool but still need improvements. Hopefully the modders will work so much for make this game the most fun game :)

I can finally play as a Necromancer! I can't express how happy I am about that fact alone. While usually I don't play any sort of melee specific class, I actually found the Ninja to be quite enjoyable. Though I have yet to get anywhere too far with it just yet - since I usually play Necromancer, only time will tell if I continue to enjoy the Ninja class as much as the Necromancer.

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