Synergies is a end game raid expansion and balance mod for Torchlight 2 that won EDITORS CHOICE BEST OVERHAUL: 2013 in the MOTY AWARDS!

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This is not so much a mod, but DLC, that ******* FREE. Salan deserves to be paid. The TL2 devs should hire him. Like the kid how made the Skyrim mod, this dude needs a job offer.

The game is no unplayable without the mod. Why you ask? Well how about because it does every single effing thing that should be done.

First, I'd like to say that this website should review its design ; the video goes ahead of the text so i can litterally see nothing that i'm writing.

Anyway, to come back to Synergies, this mod is the wasomest most (and also the first mod i have played) that i have ever played. I have tried many mods, including total conversions like Torchfun, but this one brings what others don't bring : a real end game challenge. That means that when you reach the end of the lvl100, you actually have something useful to do : farm for the stuff, and climb the stairs of the different tiers.. Of course it still a WIP, but the Tier0 and Tier1 are currently awesome.

I have great hopes for Synergies in the future, as I can see no negative point in this mod so far, and we've got a great modding team.

Of course, everytime I play, I'm using Synergies, and this mod is the reason why I keep playing Torchlight 2 (no joke ; vanilla Torchlight 2 is boring in the end, but Synergies is definitely not)

Such an amazing and well maintained mod, it follows the original ideas of the creators of TL2 yet so so much better. I can't play vanilla now thanks to synergies as it's just too good to forget about.

10/10 would recommend to friends.


One of the best mods i've played in a long time reviving torchlight 2 to no extent adding a whole new endgame that is fun yet difficult enough even when playing with friends or solo

the best mode for tl2 ....keep up salan ur the best

Simply amazing. Adds so much end game content to add hours of farming legendary weapons, and armors. Legendary Gems if you use one of the mods from Torchlight Essentials. Works well with Awesome Classes Reborn.


they have completely brought a new life into these already
best-honest-hack n' slash game

perfection within perfect

Nice Mods, Great works
Keep it up =)

s nice addition to the excellent already game mode out there for TL2.KEEP UP SALAN AND SURPRISE US

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